5 Best Email Extractors For Lead Generation

Every company needs ongoing businesses to survive. A need that happens through going after new clients and keeping old ones. But for this topic, we will concentrate on chasing after new clients. The act of chasing after new clients for new business is called lead generation, and it’s an activity all organizations take part in all year round. To get leads, the marketer or salesperson will have to go through websites, social media accounts, and other pages like this to get contact information. This list of activities can be strenuous and ineffective. In this article, we will identify what an email extractor is? Why we use them, and some good examples of email extractors.

What is an Email Extractor?

An email extractor is a tool that aids you in extracting the personal and business email address of a contact. The email extractor functions by activating it on a web page. Some store emails from multiple sources (On and Offline) to keep in their database, while others export to external documents or a CRM solution.

Why Use Email Extractor?

There are various benefits of using an email extractor, and we will discuss some of them under this heading.

  • Saves time: As we said in the introduction, manually searching and storing contact information can be time-consuming. And this isn’t even the most crucial part of the job, which is chasing leads. The more time you can save on collecting and storing these contacts, the more time on your hand to do the most vital part of the job – contacting leads.
  • Bulk Emails: Most, if not all, email extractors have a bulk email extracting feature. This feature lets you retrieve and store contacts in bulk. Which, to be honest, saves not only time but also some stress lines on your forehead.
  • Easy to use: Most email extractors are easy to use. You don’t need to be an IT expert or a computer wizard to use these simple tools.

1. Atomic Email Hunter

Atomic email hunter is one of the many products by AtomPack software. The extractor extracts emails from websites in bulk. To get started, after loading the application, you enter the URLs you want to mine email addresses from.

Once you insert the URLs, Atomic Email mines emails from those sites and stops when it has gotten all the emails from the websites – aside from extracting from websites, you can also mine from social media pages and use keywords. The defining term for this software is bulk and automated email downloads.

Atomic email hunter allows a free demo of up to 50 email addresses. To get the full license on the software, you have to make a one-time payment of $89.99.

2. SignalHire

SignalHire is one of the best extractors out in the market today because of its impressive features. You can search for the email of someone by using the first or last name, company name, or job title. But what makes SignalHire even more impressive is you can be specific with your search – you can narrow your search down to location, city, and even a kilometer radius.

A feature that stands out. SignalHire features can use keywords to sniff out qualifications from files or conversations. This feature is helpful in situations a prospect doesn’t outright list out their skill. This function increases SignalHire’s reach, showing more candidates.

Best of all, it doesn’t stop at being an extractor alone but can help with initiating contact with leads with its mailing feature, which you can sync to your mailbox. SignalHire also provides the following features:

  • Exports email in bulk to your preferred CRM.
  • Can export 1000 emails at once.
  • Tracks email
  • Possess an advanced Chrome extension.
  • Posses the option of using its advanced API
  • Displays phone numbers.
  • SignalHire verifies email through third-party software.

SignalHire offers five free contacts every month. It also has a standard price of $39 a month for 350 email credits (If you pay annually). You are free to contact the sales team for a more customizable option.

3. FindEmails.Com stays true to its name. It helps to find the email address of prospects. The interface is also straightforward to use. All you have to do is enter a person’s first and last name, or if you aren’t sure of the person’s name, enter the company’s name or job role. will do the rest for you.

What makes this extractor unique is, it doesn’t just find the mails but ensures they are verified. Verified emails are necessary for marketers if they don’t want their emails to bounce back. Bulk downloads are also available to use. So, you can export them to your CRM. also has a striving community where you can sell or buy email lists. Something not seen with many email extractors. Can’t visit the website often? Not to fear, has an extension, and its API is also available for more advanced users.

As regards its pricing, has three paid plans named the Basic, Better, and Best plans. The Basic price is $29, it will provide 1000 credits with it, and the better plan will set you back by $49—this gives you 2,500 credits, and the Best option charges you $99 for 10,000 credits. 

4. Apollo.Io is one of the best contact extractors out there. The ability to narrow down your searches with their detailed filter is impressive. It has over 60+ filter attributes you can use, making your searches as precise as possible. It gives you the option of searching for a company’s email list by inputting the company website or company name.

You can also filter your search by setting the company size or the contact’s name if the information is available to you. does more than extract emails; and it also helps you send messages to prospects with its mailing feature and tracks the mail. also allows you to create sequences for your mails. It provides a neat feature to help you set reminders for tasks too. It is an all-inclusive lead system for marketing and salespeople. has a free plan that gives you access to 50 emails per month. Its paid options include the Basic and the Professional. The Basic charges $7 for 200 email credits per month, while the Professional charges you $15 for unlimited email credits. There is a third plan, which is a customized plan. You will need to speak with the sales team if interested in this plan.

5. AeroLeads

AeroLeads is a Chrome extension email extractor. It can extract contact information from LinkedIn, AngelList, Xing, and Chruchbase. You can start by uploading the name of a company you want their email address, or you can use its filters like job title or location to facilitate your search. Like most extractors, AeroLeads can export its data in .csv format or directly export to Salesforce, Zoho CRM, Pipedrive, HubSpot CRM, FreshSales, and Zapier.

AeroLeads offers a free trial with 15 credits but also has three plans. The Takeoff, Climb, Cruise and Enterprise. The Takeoff plan costs $49.99 per month and gives 1,200 credits. Climb provides 5000 credits for $149 per month, while Cruise gives 18000 credits for $499.99 per month. Enterprise is their customizable option.

Final Words

While extractors will help get your work done faster, they still may have one bug or the other that may make your extracting process complicated. SignalHire is the perfect tool for you.

We recommend SignalHire as it’s our standout choice. Aside from the features discussed earlier in the article, SignalHire boasts a hit rate of 85% and an accuracy of 95%, and those rates are some of the best in the industry. You can use its extension on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter and, it’s also compatible with LinkedIn, MeetUp, and GitUp.

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