9 Effective Ways to Boost Conversions on Plastic Surgery Websites

Here is every medical practitioner’s nightmare: not having enough patients coming in. Do not doubt your professional skills; that is usually not the problem. Unless you are working at a big hospital or clinic, it is likely that your inflow of clients is infrequent and often far apart. The problem might be your marketing strategy and not having adequate website conversions.

Website conversion means turning your website visitors into prospective clients or patients. Many people commonly visit your page to learn more about your practice, but only a small percentage stick around and book appointments. The average lead conversion rate is 0.2%; only two people out of every 100 that view your website become your clients.

Website conversion depends mainly on marketing strategies. Effective strategies entice visitors to educate themselves about your practice, increasing their chances of reaching out to you and eventually choosing you as their doctor or surgeon. It’s a simple, intelligent, sound method of amplifying website conversion rates.

With PilotPractice, a leading plastic surgery marketing agency in the USA, you can adopt a robust marketing strategy that not only brings your plastic surgery practice to the attention of a larger audience but also increases your website conversion rates well beyond average.

Successful Ways to Boost Website Conversions

Make your Website Clear, Concise, and Easy to Navigate 

There is a concept called “analysis paralysis”, which means that when given too many choices, a person’s ability to make a choice is constrained. The more confused an individual gets, the less likely they will make a thoughtful decision.

Thus, you must ensure that your website, especially the landing page, is clear and concise. It should be free of unnecessary distractions that might negatively affect viewers’ attention and overwhelm them, such as excessive pop-ups, autoplaying videos or ads, and blinking elements.

Furthermore, your website should have easy navigation. Make the menu directly visible. Any confusion will prompt the visitor to leave the website; not everyone is equipped with the technical abilities to surf through websites like a pro.

9 Effective Ways to Boost Conversions on Plastic Surgery Websites

Use a CRO Planner

A Conversion Rate Optimization Planner is a planning tool similar to a digital logbook or record tracker, designed to keep track of the processes involved in CRO.

A CRO program allows you to analyze the engagements on your website based on visitor behavior and obstacles to conversion rate. Subsequently, you can build a digital marketing strategy to optimize the website properly and turn visitors into clients.

To fully benefit from a CRO planner, you must be aware of your website’s conversion funnel. This funnel is a series of questions based on your practice, what you can offer your customers, and how you can offer your services to a broader customer base. Once you have narrowed down the answers to these questions, you can start building a conversion strategy sensitive to your requirements.

Conduct site audits, have it reviewed by professionals, understand the personas of your visitors, carefully inspect their interests, and be open to experimentation.

Reduce Distractions and Friction in your Process

As a plastic surgeon, you get visitors who are, by and large, interested in cosmetic surgery. Try to orient your website content in their favor. Educate them about the procedures available at your clinic; keep your website informative.

What you must avoid is patient-repelling content. This includes graphic images of open wounds, blood, or needles. But more than that, a lengthy sign-up or information form chases away potential clients. Keep your records short and straight to the point. Avoid any needless questions. Commonly, people do not like to fill out lengthy forms.

Another way to reduce friction is to start simple. Make your first step as elementary as possible – just ask for an email address or phone number. Find the right balance between critical information and the number of steps in your process.

Provide Adequate Social Proof

Testimonials and reviews from previous clients impart trust in viewers. Another person’s experience is far more valuable to potential clients than any statistics or infographics. Nearly all customers check online reviews when they make a purchase. So, a person who wishes to go under the knife will undoubtedly gather as much information and feedback about your service as possible.

Tell your website viewers you are trustworthy, experienced, and adequately skilled. Show them proof of your abilities.

Social proof can increase conversion rates exponentially, at times above 300%! There should be no excuses for not optimally using this powerful tool to get more clients.

Install Chat Tools

Visitors to your website often have questions not addressed on your page and may be too hesitant to call and enquire. If you do not have an FAQ page (which you should have!), consider installing chat tools such as live chat or an automated chat box.

You must conduct a general experiment with your prospective clients or patients about frequent trivial queries they have regarding your services and procedures, ask the administration for questions generally asked by prospects, and enter the derived answers into the automated chat box.

Chatbots are convenient and have proven to be effective in increasing conversion rates.

Optimize Website Interaction Analysis Tools

You can target your conversion rates appropriately when you understand how the visitors interact with your website. Website analysis tools allow you to monitor and get screen recordings of the engagement on your site. Track what most visitors click on, any page or content that is not frequently visited, and make changes to your website accordingly.

The best tool to analyze website interaction is a heat map, especially on the critical pages of your website. You can use Crazy Egg for heat maps and HubSpot’s website grading tool to see how well you are performing and everything you can improve on.

A website analysis will help remove redundancy from your website, making it clean and precise. That’s exactly what the viewers love!

Conduct A/B Testing on your Headlines

Finding the right headline is not easy. You may think that you have hit the jackpot with a headline but your website visitors might not agree with you. It is highly recommended to conduct A/B testing on your headlines and copies on your landing page to find the one that attracts visitors the most.

A/B testing will find you what works and what drives viewers away. Test not just the content of your headlines but also the fonts, font sizes, color palettes and layouts. Settle on the one that appeases your website visitors the most and is likely to make them stick around and book an appointment with you.

A neat, informative website will give the viewers a positive impression of your practice, and your conversion rates will increase.

Reframe your CTA Copy

A simple CTA (Call to Action) copy is plain, boring, and not attractive enough. Bringing simple modifications to your website, such as reframing the CTA copy, has an immense impact on your conversion rates. “Book an appointment”, “Call us now”, and similar copies are everywhere on the internet.

With a good plastic surgery marketing agency like PilotPractice, you can get a professional copywriter to write you more enticing CTA copies. Ensure that the copies have a positive connotation. Any efforts you put into your marketing strategy are reflected in the conversion rates, so an appealing copy will prompt the visitors to take the next step and get in touch with you.

Utilize Multimedia Elements 

Adding an adequate amount of images, infographics, gifs and videos to your website will save it from looking plain and monotonous. A variety of media elements is proven to impart more depth and functionality to a website. There is so much in plastic surgery that is better explained visually than in writing.

You may also want to consider adding little pop-ups with general queries, FAQs or information here and there, but never too much. The right balance between written and visual data will take your website up the ladder.

Converting your visitors into leads is important for fully optimizing the cost incurred on running and maintaining your marketing campaigns, i.e., lowering your cost per acquisition. However, you must prioritize customer satisfaction because a satisfied patient will bring you more clients!

The key to patient satisfaction is to be empathetic. Show them that you care for their well-being and have the sufficient skills they are looking for. Always be transparent about your work and practice your profession ethically. Leave the rest to your marketing agency.

PilotPractice can be the perfect plastic surgery marketing agency in USA that you need to expand your client base by converting leads and building a reputed name for yourself.

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