Top 15 Best ArcSight Alternatives in 2023?

Micro Focus ArcSight fell from the Directors to the Challengers section of the most new Gartner Magic Quadrant (MQ) for SIEM, based on Gartner’s attention about how Micro Focus is integrating the former HPE product with its existing results, and licensing complexity.

That said, the organization has a large installed base of customers using the SIEM product for large, complicated SOC conditions and for more basic log collection use problems. It is also used by many trained security assistance providers (MSSPs).

Top 15 Best ArcSight Alternatives in 2023?

In this article, you can know about arcsight alternatives here are the details below;

# 1 StatCounter

StatCounter is a free hidden web tracker and web traffic tracking platform that shows the number of new and returning visitors on your site in real-time. Embedding the script of StatCounter is simple, and developing an account with StatCounter is easy too.

One of the most significant advantages of checking the hit counter is that it is a highly configurable web tracker that makes its users able to get comprehensive web statistics in real-time. If you are trying to find an extremely professional stat counter to keep an eye on the real-time activity of the visitors of your website, then here is the StatCounter that will make you able to track each visitor in addition to its operations in real-time.

# 2 Histats is a real time visitor’s stat telling platform that makes site owners check real-time traffic on their websites. The users of can still monitor their users’ activities by inspecting the duration on the website, short article view by the visitors, tag, or keyword if used to approach a particular short article on the website. is a way to learn about the behavior of the visitors and then create the content appropriately. It supports visual, chart, and text-based reports system. In a map and graph mode, the users of can look for the brand-new visitors, total visitors, and page went to in a day.

# 3 AFSAnalytics is an exceptional level of stat clerk because of the functions that it provides to its users. Telling about the new visitors, overall visitors, and the variety of pages checked out is a specific service being supplied by most web track and visitor tracking tools.

But what makes the special one is that it enables the users to get the location, IP address, and even the system being used by the visitor. is not about informing the variety of visitors and habits of the visitor only.

# 4 Piwik

Piwik is a complimentary and open-source web analytics tool that provides in-depth reports on your website regarding its visitors, online search engine used, keywords used, page visited, files downloaded, and many more.

Its multiple features, such as shifts, goals, e-commerce, page overlay, row evolution, and custom-made variables, offer users the best way of organizing their marketing method. In addition to custom features, many adjustable and directly features related to web traffic such as personal privacy options, set up reports, log importing, the API, and Piwik are also supplying the mobile app.

# 5 Woopra

Woopra is a real-time business client analytics service for marketing created to help organizations optimize customers’ behavior by providing data on private website visitors and aggregate analytics reports of all visitors. Besides giving words, it also supplies a thorough profile for every single user in real-time.

Reporting like division, tubes, retention, and far more become part of its functions. You can integrate Woopra with multiple tools like Pipedrive, WordPress, MySQL, HubSpot, Marketo, box, etc. To be wise in an online world, you needed to be of your visitors’ intelligence.

# 6 KISSmetrics

KISSmetrics is a customer intelligence and web analytics service, which connects all your information to genuine people. If you are using multiple browsers, it will also link all your information to a single person in KISSmetrics. You will inspect everything that the visitor has done from the preliminary phase to the last.

It will offer you precise information about real people by which you will enhance your marketing techniques at every action. Additionally, it uses several reports such as funnel reports, A/B test reports, revenue reports, and associate reports to web owners that have a high impact on a business’s success.

# 7 Clicky

Clicky is a web analytic engine, which provides real-time information to visitors. Everything which you believe necessary for web marketing will undoubtedly be available on this platform. Clicky enables you to see private visitors and every action they carry out on your site, their usernames, and email addresses.

Heatmaps feature is a unique function of the Clicky, which provides you the data of those visitors who completed a specific objective. Its on-site analytics tool allows you to see the number of visitors on your website and the number on the page you are currently visiting. It likewise notifies you in case your sites go offline to take needed actions immediately.

# 8 Open Web Analytics

Open Web Analytics is a modern-day level analytic solution that provides tools to make you able to track and examine the activities of your guests on your websites and even relationships.

It is a multifunctional analytical tool that you can utilize to track and evaluate the habits of visitors. OWA is open-source web analytics, which implies that anyone can install and run it on their host. Substantial brand-new features that are integrated into its latest version and provide you to set the five custom residential or commercial properties of your clients relating to page views, sessions, clicks, action, occasions, et

# 9 Mouseflow

Like this name Mouseflow, it is a platform that makes the users able to track the visitors’ mouse ticks and movements. Mouseflow is a web analytics platform that offers you the behavior of visitors towards your website.

Everything performed by visitors like what they check out, in which post they are interested, movement of the mouse, and much more are readily available on fingers. It is one of the very best analytical tools that will make you able to increase sales and enhance conversions.

# 10 AWStats

AWStats is an all in one analytical tool ideal for analyzing the efficiency of sites, mail, FTP servers, streaming media, and various other visitors based channels. All these platforms make the AWStats a whole level of the logical channel that can be even utilized for multiple channels and sites.

It is a free and open-source sound platform used as a file analyzer and for innovative stats purposes. One used AWStats will supply you with all the info that your log consists of within a few web pages. It is a professional in getting the information from all main servers, including the Apache log files.

# 11 Ptengine

Ptengine is a web analytic and heat tracing tool for web designers and digital market supervisors to see how their website works in the internet world. Suppose you want a simple and easy-to-use web analytic platform that allows you to see your website’s efficiency in an easy-to-use screen environment. In that case, Ptengine is among simple yet powerful web analytical platforms.

Ptengine is a way to enhance your website’s performance by looking at the taste and habits of visitors to your site. By utilizing the Ptengine, you will have the ability to get the visitors’ vital details about page visit, clicked, time of entry and exist, tag or keyword utilized, and others.

# 12 Plumb5

Plumb5 is a real-time end-to-end customer and centric digital analytical & marketing automation utility system assisting marketers in producing more leads utilizing the automatic tool. It allows you to close out intent-based targeting and personalization by including with web audiences at due time. It is an innovative and state of the art energy for today’s reach.

Some main benefits of using Plumb5 are the helping tools that offer in the shape of gathering information at a centralized place, web analytics platform, scheduling of meeting, and a lot more in real-time. Today countless webmasters and web owners are using Plumb5 because of the highly advanced services provided by the Plumb5.

# 13 Survicate

Service is a marketing SaaS tool that allows you to learn your potential customers, bottom lines, and onsite studies requirements. The use enables you to understand what your visitors want and what’s preventing them from attaining it. Survicate uncovers disagreement points and objections at various levels of the purchasing procedure.

Service is an extremely innovative way to collect your visitors’ feedback in the shape of monitoring their activities on your site. It is a method to discover more about their visitors by knowing what they do on your site.

# 14 A1WebStats

A1WebStats is a web analytics and lead recognition platform that will allow you to check for visitors’ stats on your site. It is analytics energy providing info for each web visitor, including the company, which pages they looked at, and other such stuff.

This service includes link appeal tracking, online advertising tracking, page views, referral source tracking, reporting & stats, activity by a search engine, average time saw, keyword tracking, and much more. A1WebStats is a leading identification platform for big companies and brands to check for the visitors’ behavior on their websites and against their digital media campaign.

# 15 Bizible

Bizible is a system that lets companies efficiently track offline revenue back to the precise online marketing source so that they can easily monitor and optimize marketing by ROI in Salesforce. It consists of features such as online advertising tracking, page views, recommendation source tracking, reporting & stats, activity by a search engine, conversion tracking, and much more.

Bizible analytical tools are based upon the general visitors’ behavior, and it makes it possible and simple for its users to get real-time info about visitors adequately. This platform unifies the visitors’ habits and advertising information and enables the users to increase the possibilities of success of marketing financial investment.

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