10 Best Airline Flight Path Tracking Sites in 2024

This article will explain the Best airline flight path tracking websites. Obtaining the latest current tracking data indicating when an aircraft will leave or arrive at an airport might be beneficial. When you’re waiting to pick someone up from the airport or seeking to connect to another flights, Airline tracking software may help you save time and potentially money.

We’ll go over four websites where you can follow an aircraft in real time, as well as six amazing airline tracker applications for iOS and Android devices.

10 Best Airline Flight Path Tracking Sites in 2024

1. FlightAware Flight Tracker

Throughout addition to enabling users to view the status of any commercial airline flight around the world, Flight Aware Flight Tracker can follow general aviation aircraft, including private and charter flights, throughout the United States and Canada.

Users may search for flights using an airport code, route, airline, flight number, or aircraft registration. The app delivers a full-screen map with a radar overlay and all available flight data.

You may get push notifications for a particular flight’s departure and arrival timings, as well as any gate changes, delays, or diversions.

Get the Flight Aware flight tracker for iOS or Android (free, premium version available).

2. FlightRadar24

As the name suggests, the major feature of FlightRadar24 is a map of aircraft in flight across the world. Choose a flight to view further details such as the route, estimated arrival time, speed, altitude, and much more.

Furthermore, searching for a certain flight using the flight number, airport, or airline is straightforward. When a particular airport is chosen, further details such as current weather and delay statistics are provided.

If you’ve ever wondered what flights are presently above, just aim your iPhone toward the sky to view flight details and a photo of the actual aircraft. You may even view in 3D what the pilot of an aircraft is seeing right now. It’s a terrific real-world use of augmented reality.

The membership levels provided by Flight Radar24 offer extra features such as enhanced flight recordings.

3. FlightStats

FlightStats is a popular live flight tracker. Begin by tracking an aircraft anywhere in the world using a particular flight number, route, or airport. Any flight searches are saved on the My Flights tab for future reference.

One of the app’s best features is a live map with a real-time flight tracker. The plane’s exact position is shown on the map. A variety of levels allow the flight plan, actual flight route, weather radar, and other options to be chosen. Flight details may also be quickly shared directly from the app.

Anyone using an Apple Watch may check flight information on the small screen of the wearable gadget while on the road. Users may also add a widget to a certain Apple Watch face to show information without having to launch an app.

4. The Flight Tracker Pro

If you dislike commercials, try The Flight Tracker Pro. Any flight in the world may be followed, and departure and arrival information, aircraft details, and seat maps can all be viewed.

While traveling, the software automatically syncs with a TripIt account, making it an excellent choice for business travelers. The data may also be saved and distributed via a variety of means, such as text or social media.

To assist you remember to pick up someone from the airport, you may create a departure or arrival reminder with push notifications for a number of scenarios.

5. FlightView

There is no need to search while utilizing the FlightView website. A box for tracking flights by number or route is prominently displayed.

Users may receive a live view to check the precise position of the aircraft as well as other details like as speed, direction, and altitude, in addition to all of the most current information about the journey. Another Airline Flight Path Tracking Sites.

After creating a FlightView account, you may send any current and forthcoming flight itinerary emails to a specific email address so that you can view them online. You may also readily retrieve the information, quickly share it with friends, family, and colleagues, and even get notifications on your mobile device when your travel plans change.

6. Plane Finder

Plane Finder should be seen on the largest screen possible. The webpage includes a world map and an interactive view of real-time aircraft route maps for commercial and private traffic.

You may use the top search bar to seek for a certain flight and review further details such as the kind of aircraft. The same information is available to users by clicking on any flight on the map.

The thrills don’t stop there, as the online flight tracker live map allows users to set up a variety of filters to show just flights depending on airline, aircraft type, and other criteria. The website also has an interactive map showing the world’s flights in activity at a certain moment and date. If you’re interested in a certain airport’s traffic, you may quickly get to it by utilizing the bookmark option.

For additional trackers for your future vacation, have a look at these clever baggage trackers. When flying, you never know when one of your bags may go missing.

7. Flights Arrivals

When browsing Flight Arrivals, the top navigation bar is the best place to start. There are many search categories to choose from, including arrivals, departures, route maps, and others.

If having the perfect seat is important to you, you may view seat configurations for a certain airline and type of aircraft on the website’s dedicated seat information page. To get further details, a particular seat may be chosen. The map will also show the exit rows and over-wing rows. Another Airline Flight Path Tracking Sites.

Before you grab your wallet and board the aircraft, read our article on in-flight Wi-Fi to determine whether it’s worth the money if having Wi-Fi during your trip is also important to you.

8. Google

If you want immediate information on a certain flight, you do not need to depend on a specific flight tracking program or website. Another Airline Flight Path Tracking Sites.

If you know the flight number, all you have to do is type it into Google to obtain a brief overview of its current status before any search results. If you need more details than the Google flight tracker can offer, there is a link to more comprehensive information from Flight Stats.

And, while we’re on the subject of low-cost flying, you should know how to utilize Google Flights alerts. See our Google Flights efficiency tips for more information.

9. Planes Live – Flight Tracker

Planes Live is the next piece of software on the list, a powerful flight monitoring program that enables you to follow biplanes as well as commercial aircraft all over the world. This app can assist you if a friend or family member is paying you a visit.

Planes Live may alert you of changes to the flight schedule if you have notifications enabled. Instead of spending time scanning the globe, the application allows you to filter search flights by aircraft type, airline, arrival airport, departure airport, and so on. Another Airline Flight Path Tracking Sites.

You can view the speed, altitude, and distance of the aircraft you’re following, much like most other flight trackers. Additionally, the app contains weather overlays that depict the cloud cover as viewed from space by default; if you’d want a more detailed prediction broken down by type of precipitation, you may switch to the precipitation overlay.

The app has minimal functionalities and is free to use with adverts. To take use of all Planes Live has to offer and to eliminate the advertising, you must buy Planes Live Premium, which costs $4.99 per month or $39.99 per year. When you use the app for the first time, you’ll notice a membership offer with a free 3-day trial, but you may refuse this and continue using it for free.

10. Flight Board

Flight Board provides a unique way of tracking an airline flight. Almost every airport in the world has an outdated arrivals or departures board that is updated with current information every minute. The data covers approximately 1,400 airlines and 16,000 airports.

You may search by flight number, destination, or airline. Furthermore, it is easy to flip between an airport’s departures and arrivals boards with a single click.

Find the Best Flight Path Tracker for You

You must be able to follow an airline flight using one of these smartphone applications or websites no matter where you are. Naturally, the applications are handy when you want to follow a flight on your phone, but when you’re using a computer, you’ll need to utilize a separate free flight tracker site.

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