Top 7 Best Face Swap Apps For Android In 2023

This post will explain Best face swap apps for android. Things that we could only dream of are now possible thanks to technology and innovation. Thousands of miracles have become commonplace in our daily lives. It used to be impossible to have a mobile phone in our pocket that could handle massive amounts of computing power, double as a second memory, and connect us to an infinite amount of information. Fortunately, we live in a globe where anything is possible.

Cameras and photos are one of the wonders of technology that continues to influence every aspect of our lives. As the wide development gives many advantages, it also brings the best out of fun, one of which is the best face swap app.

Top 7 Best Face Swap Apps For Android In 2023

In this article, you can know about Best face swap apps for android here are the details below;

Let’s face it, we’ve all tried to imitate our favourite celebrity’s appearance and behaviour. Unfortunately, even if we can’t turn into them, we can use the face swap programme to make ourselves look like them. The apps allow you to swap faces with your family and friends in real time for a photo or video. You can also use the apps to face swap photos so you can acquire your favourite celebrity’s face in a matter of seconds.

However, life isn’t all sunshine & rainbows, and deciding on the best face swap app might be difficult. The explanation for this is that we don’t want to waste time, effort, and, on top of that, mobile data by downloading and trying multiple apps. So, what’s the solution? Our top recommendations for the best face swap apps are compiled in this list.

Excited? So, let’s get this party started.

The Advantages of the Best Face Swap Apps

  • Entertainment:- Entertainment is one of the most prominent perks and the key reason why many people use the best face swap app. You can swap faces with your buddies or take on the appearance of your favourite superhero with the programme. You may quickly post the images you take on social networking networks, making you the centre of attention among your friends.
  • Photo editor: The best face swap programme will also have all of the photo editing tools you’ll need. It will spare you the crisis of having to go to your computer or purchasing additional software to complete the operation. The apps retain a variety of features to help you improve the overall appearance of your photos by adding more definition and precision.
  • Filters and effects: Although many Android phones have decent cameras, there are occasions when you’ll want to add effects and filters to make them appear better. The best face swap tool will usually include a lot of options so you can show off your editing abilities to their utmost potential. Also check Offline gps map apps for android and iphone

The Best Android Face Swap Apps

1. Snapchat


Snapchat is one of the finest face swap apps available, as well as one of the most popular. It does, however, deliver you with much more than just a tool for face swapping. It’s also one of the most popular messaging apps, and if you choose to get it, you’ll have access to a lot more functions.

Snapchat will allow you to easily swap your face with buddies using a simple filter. Its face filters are among the most popular you’ll find. You can quickly find the face swap filter in the app’s filter search box and leave the rest to it. All you hold to do is place your face in the camera frame and wait for the software to work its magic.

After capturing the image, you can apply numerous effects on it. One of the most useful advantages of Snapchat is that it allows you to effortlessly share photos with your friends or save them to your camera roll to share on other social media sites.

Snap Inc. created Snapchat.

Cost: Free+

  • Easily and quickly swap faces • Add effects to the photograph • Share instantly with your friends and other Snapchat contacts

2. Cupace – Face Photo to Cut and Paste


Cupace is one of the more unusual apps on our list of the best face swapping apps. It’s a quick and easy picture editor that lets you cut the face from one image and place it on top of another.

By swapping your friends’ faces, the app is a terrific method to make memes and humorous photographs for your buddies. Additionally, you can add text or stickers to the shot. Cupace’s Paste Face feature, which allows you to manually extract the fact from any image and apply it to any image, is one of the key reasons for its popularity. Its advantage is that it gives you far more options than a standard face swap programme. As a result, you can paste the cut-out image to any inanimate object.

You can start with one image for the backdrop and then switch to another for the cut-out. To ensure speedy and exact cropping, the app allows you to zoom in on the object for additional precision and accuracy. The programme also retains a copy of the cut-out, allowing you to reuse it elsewhere without having to repeat the process.

Face Cupace – Cut and Paste Picmax is a photo editor.

Standout for no cost • Cut off any face from an image and paste it wherever • Accurate cropping using the zoom in or magnifying tool • It saves the cut-out so you may reuse it.

3. B612 Camera Editor

B612 Camera Editor

B612 is the best face swap app and one of the most popular camera apps. It’s chock-full of editing tools, fashionable effects, filters, and stickers, all of which are constantly updated.

The software is a full-featured camera and video editing programme that also allows you to take HD photographs. It also includes a face swap feature that allows you to swap faces with your pals or with your favourite celebrity. The programme produces excellent results and allows you to generate photographs that you may share on Instagram or other social media networks. Also check Encrypted Messaging Android Apps

Apart from the face swap tool, the programme includes a variety of effects, filters, and make-up tools, as well as the ability to create custom filters. One standout feature of the programme is the colour edit, which allows you to express yourself through the use of various colours.

Body editing, such as toning the entire body or modifying limbs, is also possible with B612. Overall, the app produces excellent results and can assist you in accomplishing more than just a face swap. As a result, it is the best option for all photographer needs.

SNOW Corporation developed the B612 camera and photo/video editor.

Standout for no cost • Editing tools of many types

  • A variety of trendy stickers, effects, and filters
  • Face swap tool that works well

4. Reface


Reface is a popular choice on our best face swap app list, and it was nominated for Google Play users choice awards. The app is well-known among users around the world because it has unique features such as an advanced camera and a variety of editing tools that allow you to make hilarious photos, movies, and memes.

Many people like this software since it has all of the features and tools needed to produce amusing films, GIFS, filters, and effects, among other things. Unlike most photo booth apps, this one claims to be both a meme maker and a photo editor. It can also be used to animate your images.

Face-swapping is, nevertheless, one of the app’s most notable functions. The software has a powerful AI tool that scans the selfie and removes the face from the image. You can then quickly and realistically overlay it onto another image. Many software programmes allow you to clip and paste photos from one place to another. Reface, on the other hand, altered the face, giving it a more realistic appearance and ensuring exceptional outcomes.

Aside from animating photos and exchanging faces, another popular function is the voice swap, which allows you to add your say to the voice of a celebrity. You can also stick the cutout of the face onto anything, such as a fruit or an object. The software makes it feasible, giving you more opportunities to express yourself.

Funny face swap vids.

NEOCORTEXT, INC., the developer

Cost: Free+

Standout • Image animator • Voice swap function • Advanced face-swapping tool

5. Face swap Live

Face swap Live

Face Swap is a fun application with many of features that will make your experience even better. It has advanced technology that allows you to swap your face even during a live video or snapshot, making it one of the best face swap apps.

Create images and films with your pals with the real-time face-swapping tool. It goes even farther by allowing you to swap faces with friends, celebrities, or a hilarious photo from the internet. Face Swap Live allows you to put your face on your favourite Marvel hero in seconds and use the image to make funny memes or images.

Face masks are created using augmented reality (AR & ARKit), and the live swapping feature is a lot of fun, particularly when you’re with your pals. A built-in FX & masks with over 25 effects, a research function for the web face mask, a face goo studio, a party mode, and a face editor are among the app’s other features. All of the features diversify the application’s use, making it an ideal choice for a variety of reasons.

Despite the fact that the software isn’t completely free and requires payment, it still provides a lot of value for your money.

Laan Labs created Face Swap Live.

Price: € 2,09

  • Face editor tool • Accurate live face changing feature • User-friendly interface

6. Face changer

Face changer

Face changer is the best face swap app for people who want more than just a tool for swapping faces and instead want an editor in one app. The application’s best feature is its easy user interface, which allows you to edit photographs quickly and easily.

When you pick a photo from your gallery to upload to the software, it will display all of the tools. Aside from the face swap tool, the programme has a lot more face changing alternatives. It entails replacing the image’s limbs, such as the ear, nose, and eyes, with animals or other items. You can also swap images with celebrities or post them to social media sites like Facebook and Instagram. Also check Learning Apps

Face changer also allows you to add text in various fonts using simple tools. There are numerous photo-sharing services available. As a result, the app is a fantastic way to have fun with images while experimenting with various filters and effects.

Developer: Scoompa Cambia Caras – Face Changer

Standout for no cost Face switching in images and movies • Face editing tool • Simple interface

7. Face swap

Face swap

One of the best face swap apps on our list is Face Swap. It makes our list for one major reason: its adaptability. It allows users to quickly and easily combine the faces of multiple people, but you may also add stickers to make things more interesting. You may also add stickers to your photos, such as emojis, dog ears, and sunglasses, among other things.

Face swap also has a live video face swap option where you may swap your face with the characters in a video. As a result, the app works with both photos and videos, making it suited for a wide spectrum of users.

Another useful aspect of the app is its simple sharing options, which allow users to instantly post their images on various social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and others.

Face Swap is a free application developed by Wombatica Software. • Merge the faces of many persons • Simple and multiple sharing choices

  • Change their faces while editing photos

Last words

Based on functionality, features, and benefits, we’ve developed a list. Choosing the best face swap app from our list comes down to personal taste and expectations. As a result, to locate the one that would help you in the long run, you must keep your characteristics in mind and choose one based on them. Reface: Funny face swap videos and Snapchat are two popular selections on our list, according to our suggestions. You can, however, rely on one of the alternatives to do the task for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which face swap app is the best?

Reface is the best face swap software since it has a wide range of capabilities and is perfect for most people who just want a face swap and editor app.

Is the best face swap software available for free?

Multiple of the options on our list are initially free, and you can learn a lot without spending any money. However, if you want more advanced capabilities, you’ll have to pay for the premium version.

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