Top 15 Blank Resume Templates In 2022

Blank resume templates will be described in this post. Too many possibilities causing inability to decide? You select a blank resume template, spend hours filling it out, only to find a superior template later on?

Nobody has three more hours to fight with formatting the document and copy-paste the text. You require a number of blank resume templates that you can choose from with just one click.

And each template on the list below makes it feasible! Now, the only issue is that they all appear fantastic.

Top 15 Blank Resume Templates & Forms to Fill In and Download In 2022

Top 15 Blank Resume Templates & Forms to Fill In and Download are explained here.

1. Cubic



It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to claim that this blank resume form has wowed our audience.


It is straightforward, simple to use, and completely customizable. Also check computer educational

It may contain a lot of information as a two-column resume without looking crowded.

Your experience section should be in the left-hand column, and your skills should go in the right-hand column on your resume. This is another blank resume template.

Data scientists, CEOs, and marketing managers favour Cubic as their preferred resume format.

Pro tip: All of the blank resume/CV templates offered in our builder are ATS compliant and 100% machine-readable.

Do you want to know what the top resumes have in common?

There is an earthquake to begin with.

Check out our guides to learn how to achieve this:

2. Newcast




This simple resume template embodies the maxim “less is more.”

Both recruiters and job seekers respect it for its neat and well-organized layout.

This straightforward resume template is very reader-friendly and makes navigating easy because it uses headers and resume icons that are the same colour. This is another blank resume template.

Additionally, you can use a visual bar chart to rate your technical talents (or any other skills, for that matter).

Most valued by CNAs and excellent for all business resume types.

3. Diamond


This blank resume form’s name is not random in this instance.

It combines diamond-shaped features to highlight important aspects, such schooling or certificates on a resume, so it does more than just make your resume shine.

Additionally, you can grade yourself on a diamond scale in the skills area to indicate your degree of ability.

Both salespeople and customer service representatives love Diamond.

Pro Tip: In our resume generator, you can easily drag and drop sections to add, remove, or reorganise them.

Choose the ideal design for your resume.

4. Enfold


This two-column resume template that you may fill up divides your resume into several sections.

For longer parts like the resume objective or resume summary, experience, or education, the left-hand column, which occupies two-thirds of the available space on the resume, is ideal.

Short elements, including contact information, soft and hard abilities, or languages, function well in the right-hand column.

Among marketers and social media managers, Enfold is the preferred blank resume format.

5. Vibes


This resume form will add some genuinely positive energy to your resume. This is another blank resume template. Also check Coding Course

According to our HR statistics research, a recruiter glances at a resume for an average of 7 seconds. This layout will help you keep their interest for a longer period of time.

The use of graphical components (icons and bars to rate your skills) in conjunction with the two-column resume format distinguishes this blank resume form from others.

Plus, as it extends from margin to margin, you have plenty of room for your resume summary.

Account managers, product managers, and consultants love Vibes.

6. Muse


Muse is a straightforward two-column fill-in-the-blank resume template with lots of space for your employment history and educational background.

It permits you to fit quite a bit of information, but doesn’t feel at all crowded because of the effective use of white space.

All of this has led to it being popular among seasoned data scientists, project managers, and sales managers.

A Pro Tip

Tired of the colours on your resume?

Want to experiment with some new fonts?

You can choose from more than 400 different font and colour schemes while using our resume creator.

Find the ideal candidate.

7. Concept


This is another blank resume template. One of the top blank resume formats conceivably for a reverse chronological resume.


It contains a separate column for important dates and visual resume components that chronologically order the events in your professional life.

Additionally, you can devote more time to the talents section because there is much area to clarify what such skills actually entail.

Concept is a useful resume template to fill out for applicants who are changing careers or who have little work experience.

8. Crisp

It’s one of those blank resume templates that may hold a lot and deliver a powerful message.

The professional aim occupies the entire second column of the resume, including all of the important components in order to maximise space.

Your education and experience have plenty of room, and you can rank your skills on a stylish grading scale.

Additionally, each section heading has a completely editable icon.

For job seekers aiming to fill managerial positions, such as operations managers, account managers, or assistant managers, Crisp is an excellent blank resume template.

9. Influx

Both candidates in blue- and white-collar jobs can utilise this traditional fill-in resume template.

The heading of your resume, which includes your name and contact information, takes up the top part.

The thin horizontal line dividing each of the portions below from the others.

It is simple to move between a chronological, functional, and hybrid resume format with this style.

Additionally, the use of bar charts for grading highlights your abilities even more.

Influx is well-liked by warehouse employees, machine operators, marketers, and personal bankers due to its adaptability.

Drag and drop skills and ammunition points into your resume using our builder, and let the tedious information auto-fill. This is another blank resume template.

Use spellcheck.


Create a professional overview template right now for nothing.

When you’re finished, Zety’s resume builder will grade your resume and provide detailed feedback on how to improve it.

10. Modern


It’s all in the name—Modern conveys style and assurance. Also check benefits of SEO

This fill-in-the-blank resume makes excellent use of subtle graphic elements, colour, and excellent design to make your resume look outstanding.

This sleek resume template is simple to use and makes your talents stand out more.

It makes sense that it has become the preferred fill-in resume template for professionals including paramedics, restaurant workers, and production assistants.

11. Iconic

Simple and tidy

Free of interruptions.

Iconic’s goal is to make you the centre of attention while clearing the other stuff out of the way.

This one-column blank resume format has a vintage appearance. This is another blank resume template.

The usage of icons in section headers and the contact information section makes it simple to navigate.

Actors, photographers, and artists tend to favour them the most.

12. Simple


This fill-in resume is sophistication in the flesh if simplicity is the pinnacle of sophistication.

Its two-column resume format can hold a substantial amount of text without spilling over further pages.

Play around with different resume fonts and colour schemes to change the look and feel of your resume.

Plus— A clearly visible grading scale gives your abilities and languages more attention.

Excellent choice for educators, web designers, or service professionals.

13. Initials

The picture of your initials next to your name on this printable blank resume form is what sets it apart.

There’s also this:

A sizable experience section that can display all of your accomplishments on a resume. This is another blank resume template.

Icons in the section for contact information can be customised, and there are numerous colour possibilities available.

Incredibly well-liked by office staff members, administrative assistants, and even recruiters themselves.

Make as many resume iterations as you like, expert advice.

Make each one specific to a unique job description.

You may create a resume in our resume maker in only 5 minutes.

14. Cascade

You might easily claim that Cascade has emerged as the benchmark for all available blank resume templates.

This is another blank resume template. But that comes as no surprise.

The two-column format makes the most of the space on your resume.

You can easily modify the resume’s outline to suit your demands as you look for work.

Additionally, adding other areas like certificates or volunteer experience is as simple as it gets.

Popular with scholarship recipients, UX designers, and cyber security specialists.

15. Valera


It’s one of those blank CV templates that seamlessly blends style and originality. This is another blank resume template.

This blank CV format has a genuinely distinctive appearance because of the contrast between the fonts.

Plus, it is completely configurable and reader-friendly.

Works well for personal trainers and musicians.

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