Top 15 Best Bulk SMS Services Alternatives in 2023

Best bulk SMS services alternatives will be discussed in this article. For businesses to improve client interactions and boost sales, bulk SMS services are a vital bulk messaging solution. The platform offers the finest approach to communicate with your consumers by delivering Bulk SMS to any location you choose.

They will be able to connect with potential customers thanks to it. Customers can provide comments on the company’s new products and services. The platform’s quick SMS delivery and ease of access to delivery reports, which give business owners peace of mind, are its most enticing features.

The platform includes a fantastic marketing plan that keeps clients interested in your company and fresh offers. The main features are list segmentation, various languages, huge push, smart URL, sender ID, add custom fields, search filter, dynamic field, create SMPP, upload contacts, strong dashboards, and more.

Top 15 Best Bulk SMS Services Alternatives in 2023

Top 15 Best Bulk SMS Services Alternatives are explained here.

1. Ozeki NG SMS Gateway

Ozeki NG SMS Gateway

Modern organisations can streamline their growth with the possible increase in clients thanks to Ozeki NG SMS Gateway, a formidable SMS service provider.

Since it is an on-premise solution, your local area network will be used to store and process all of the communications.

A dedicated SMS Gateway solution for transmitting SMS text messages utilising an on-premise installation is Ozeki NG SMS Gateway. This is another bulk sms services.

Another benefit of employing this service is that your business may take advantage of all the sophisticated capabilities of this user-friendly application without compromising the stability of your IT infrastructure in order to achieve fast delivery times.

2. Jasmin SMS Gateway

Jasmin SMS Gateway

A seductive messaging service for businesses, Jasmin SMS Gateway offers best-in-class capabilities to use mobile devices, GSM gateways, cellular modems, and more. Also check P2P file sharing software

This industry-leading SMS solution gives businesses the ability to send and receive large numbers of text messages as well as access detailed information about the mobile experiences of their subscribers.

Through real-time reporting, Jasmin gives you a thorough knowledge of the reach and response of your SMS campaign.

Companies may produce successful marketing campaigns at very low costs thanks to Jasmin.

With cellular modems, GSM gateways, mobile phones, and other devices, SMSTools is a collection of free console tools and a very simple Windows GUI.

This open-source SMS gateway has a wealth of features, including SMPP API, HTTP API, in-memory charging, messaging routing, filtering, support for long messages, Unicode compatibility, and more.

3. is a one-stop shop for bulk messaging to clients and consumers, streamlining your communication with them and boosting sales at the end of the month.

A lot of times,’s SMS service can offer multiple routes to a single location and can manage a high volume of messages.

It is the best option if you want to send your SMS marketing message to as many people as possible in the quickest amount of time because it is frequently significantly less expensive than other providers and has the widest selection of destinations.

The site focuses on offering the best services for your requirements with a large selection of affordable routes and high-quality connections, so you won’t have any problems.

4. SuperPhone


SuperPhone is an all-in-one, scalable SMS and MMS marketing platform created to speed up the growth of your company by increasing sales and client interaction.

It is the simplest approach to connect with our customers who buy exclusively on their mobile devices.

This brand-new mobile website was created to make it simple for customers all over the world to use their superpowers and locate the best offers on new technology.

When you visit SuperPhone, the automation is the first thing that comes to mind. You may save time by automating the profits through text message scheduling and keyword triggers.

SuperPhone plays a crucial role in our capacity to hear and respond to our customers.

It includes the seductive broadcast messaging, which only needs one click to get all of your subscribers across the world involved with a check-in or call to action.



A well-known Bulk SMS provider in India is KAPSYSTEM, which provides services like UMT, PHP SMS, and Bulk SMS.

With our cutting-edge bulk SMS gateway, you may view online reports on SMS delivery in real time.

For their needs in mass communication, thousands of consumers from all over India use these bulk SMS services.

In addition to being integrated with all of India’s top mobile service providers, Kapsystem offers an SMS gateway to corporations, commercial organisations, and private individuals.

This is another bulk sms services. The platform appears to be incredibly beneficial for businesses because it enables them to deepen their client relationships, which ultimately results in more sales and money from their campaigns.

There are numerous features available, including voice calls, missed call alerts, long and shortcode solutions, quick delivery, promotional SMS, API gateway support, and many more.

Overall, KAPSYSTEM is a fantastic approach to position your company for success and currently offers banks, corporations, the IT industry, and institutes rich marketing campaigns.

6. Kannel


With its short message, push service indication, and internet connection, Kannel is an all-in-one open source and WAP and SMS gateway.

This is a technique to cater to a far larger clientele than just those utilising a new WAP phone as almost all GSM phones support sending and receiving SMS messages.

Kannel is demonstrating to be fully featured WAP solution and compatible with the greatest number of SMSC compliant operators.

In addition, Kannel works on an SMS gateway for GSM networks that supports sending and receiving messages on all GSM phones. Also check facility management software

The WAP infrastructure has benefited greatly from this utility, which also has the fewest restrictions on what third parties can do with the source code.

7. Goodpick SMS Gateway

Goodpick SMS Gateway

A thorough strategy is included with the all-in-one bulk SMS and email marketing software known as Goodpick SMS Gateway in order to obtain the ideal product lead.

By connecting with interested future clients, the software enables you to achieve marketing ROI for clients.

The online interface for Goodpick SMS Gateway is extremely user-friendly, and more importantly, it is accessible from anywhere.

When it comes to increasing the sales of your products and services, software is the name of service dependability. This is another bulk sms services.

With both non-DND or open DND and transactional SMS solutions, Goodpick SMS Gateway can meet all of your personal and transactional business needs.

Sending SMS on GSM and CDMA networks, sending Unicode messages with support for many languages, uploading mobile numbers, using the handy online address book, and sending SMS are just a few of the capabilities available.

8. Digimiles


One of the top software companies offering bulk SMS and transactional SMS services, Digimiles enables your company to run marketing campaigns smoothly.

To text clients worldwide and collect their reactions in real-time, the programme appears dependable, safe, and quick.

Get the correct support for your brand by sending out promotional messages to both new and existing customers, which will lead to an increase in sales and the generation of the highest possible revenue.

With the help of a transactional messaging API, you can add automated alerts, one-time passwords, reminders, notifications, and more to your website.

You may simply access various reports and useful features from the stunning dashboard that Digimiles is utilising for you.

Numerous services are available, including text marketing, payment confirmation, foreign communications, occasional and birthday messages, and birthday wishes.

9. MyTask


A firm can have the necessary service agility thanks to MyTask, a single platform created for office management, invoice management, and job management.

This is another bulk sms services. The programme is essential for chartered accountants and tax professionals to support accounting, auditing, and taxation in the best possible way.

You won’t have to worry about anything with MyTask because everything is properly structured, resulting in higher productivity and more satisfied customers.

This cloud-based application is simple to use, makes a job once you accept work, cracks status, and produces GST-compliant bills with little trouble.

Additionally, it’s simple to create GST-compliant receipts, collect payments, and keep track of outstanding debts.

10. D7SMS


D7SMS is a clever programme created for bulk SMS for businesses that enables them to increase productivity in real-time.

With rapid and reliable delivery, the software gives you the option to send an SMS anyplace you want to try it out.

D7SMS is a platform that can be combined with other platforms and a global partner of your company that helps you win the trust of your clients. Also check travels software

Any organization’s top priority is to win over long-term customers, and sending transactional SMS with crucial information makes that possible.

The programme enables you to customise the appropriate business campaigns for your company in order to achieve the necessary client engagement.

D7SMS is useful for informing the patient of their appointment time, date, and other pertinent information.

With D7SMS, you can validate mobile numbers on your hostel booking website and add additional features like weather updates, time-sensitive alarms, weather reports, e-commerce order updates, and more.



SMSGATEWAYHUB is a fully authorised corporate and enterprise bulk-SMS provider platform that takes care of all the transactional and promotional demands of your company.

The software is building a name for itself by offering businesses and corporations all the OTP messaging options they require for their marketing efforts.

SMSGATEWAYHUB is user-friendly and uses OPT as a second layer of defence to completely stop all fraud.

With the ability to send customers any kind of information to DND or non-DND numbers, transactional SMS becomes even more attractive.

Take advantage of the top-of-the-line promotional SMS, and this is how to alert your target audience in real time about a live deal and raise awareness of it. This is another bulk sms services.

Whether you want to send bulk SMS messages for a contest or conduct online polls, SMSGATEWAYHUB is offering support for 2-way communications.

The mill call alert service, short code SMS, voice SMS, and other functions are additional services.

12. mTalkz


With its wide support for the WhatsApp API and chatbot automation, mTalkz is an effective bulk SMS tool that enables you to grow your business. The programme enables you to run world-class marketing campaigns that will enable you to appeal to a larger audience and enable you to take the appropriate product lead.

You can easily take care of your worries regarding bulk SMS or email, marketing automation, voice SMS, cloud telephony, or WhatsApp business API automation. The SMS service will cover your costs for every transactional SMS, bulk SMS API, and promotional SMS.

Voice calls can be used to drive customer engagement since they allow you to converse with customers and get their feedback.

13. Imagic SMS

Imagic SMS

With its all-encompassing bulk SMS solution and distinctive SMS campaigns, Imagic SMS gives you a competitive edge. The software is simple to use and capable of sending customers tens of thousands of SMS messages to boost sales.

Both GSM phones and personal computers can be used to transmit messages. The only cost-effective way for your company to transmit a large volume of text at once without wasting time while also promoting your product is through software.

This is another bulk sms services. Imagic SMS is a cutting-edge tool that enables users to compose and send bulk messages to lists of chosen contacts, phonebooks, or people around the world.

The software works well with all GSM mobile phones, pocket PCs, and PDAs.

There are numerous features available, including client requirement packages, SMS alerts, various connectors, an intuitive user interface, and SMS for business services.

14. TextLocal


A sophisticated bulk SMS marketing tool called TextLocal gives companies with creative marketing campaigns an advantage.

The programme enables you to reach a larger audience, which will ultimately benefit you by generating the highest possible profits and revenues.

With its sophisticated workflows and ability to offer multi-channel messaging solutions, TextLocal is the way to go.

You can quickly increase revenue by streamlining ties with current customers and using cutting-edge communication channels.

By offering all-encompassing intelligent messaging solutions, TextLocal connects billions of users globally in a dependable, safe, and straightforward manner.

Apple gadgets provide users a new method of communication with the company.

Online bulk SMS, API integrations, hassle-free managed service, an Email to SMS solution, and more capabilities are available.

15. Proctur


Proctur is a cutting-edge platform that offers more intelligent ways to administer education centres through the provision of intuitive coaching management software and mobile applications.

By automating tasks like fee management, admission management, and enquiry management, the ERP solution will eliminate all the load. This is another bulk sms services.

Proctur offers the industry’s top Exam-desk tool, which makes it easier to administer online tests, practise examinations, and mock exams. A comprehensive assessment of each student’s performance is also provided. Live, interactive sessions give students a better opportunity to learn online and are guaranteed to improve their academic performance.

The all-encompassing LMS system helps coaching organisations provide superior services including live lessons, online course sales, exam package sales, and more.

Proctur’s white label solutions, accessibility, adaptability, simplicity of use, and increased security are some of its key differentiators.

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