Top 5 Employee Survey Tools In 2024

Best Employee Survey Tools will be discussed in this article. Do you need a platform to do advanced engagement analytics or a fast staff pulse survey? The top 11 employee survey tools for 2024 have been compared by us. impartial. Do you need a platform to do advanced engagement analytics or a fast staff pulse survey? The top 11 employee survey tools for 2024 have been compared by us. impartial.

Top 5 Employee Survey Tools In 2024

In this article, you can know about Employee Survey Tools here are the details below;

five or more years of expertise in the human resources field, along with a strong commitment to delivering the finest people strategies and operational excellence throughout the company to foster the best possible work environment.

Fantastic news! Your next staff survey effort doesn’t have to be led by you alone. Provide your information, and we’ll help you succeed.

I understand that making the transition to hybrid remote work is difficult because I am a People Operations Lead. It’s not even ‘one and done.’

Effective remote and hybrid management requires constant listening and iterative development. Employee survey tools are now available. Digital platforms known as employee survey tools are utilized by firms to collect and evaluate employee input regarding many aspects of the workplace, such as job satisfaction, engagement, and corporate culture.

After experimenting with a handful, I tested out additional programs and came up with a list of 11 employee survey tools that you should take into consideration. These are as follows:

  1. Culture Amp: The most effective way to develop a solid data-driven people strategy
  2. Pingboard: The best option for promoting connectivity in hybrid setups and expediting employee management
  3. Deel is the best option for combining sophisticated analytics and multilingual assistance with employee survey tools.
  4. The greatest software for gathering employee input and gauging job satisfaction is CultureMonkey.
  5. Connecteam is the best option for user-friendly software for collaboration, communication, and personnel management.
  6. Trakstar: The best for automating processes and optimizing talent development for efficient decision-making
  7. Lattice: The best option for engagement surveys and ongoing feedback
  8. Leapsome: Best for feedback surveys and staff development
  9. Officevibe: Ideal for crucial discussions that lead to mutual understanding
  10. Empuls: The most interesting results and insights from employee surveys
  11. The greatest app for real-time feedback is TINYpulse.

2024 Best Employee Survey Tools For Robust Analytics and Support

The employee survey tools that I have included in this list offer a variety of survey methodology, sophisticated data analysis, integration options, and professional assistance.

For managers and operation executives such as ourselves, these elements are perfect for creating more effective employee survey action plans, making educated decisions for long-term change, and incorporating insights into other business and HR systems.

#1 – Culture Amp

Culture Amp

Culture Amp is a leader in global platforms that improves the work experience for over 25 million employees at 6500 firms worldwide.

Utilizing this one-stop shop is quite simple. It supports employee engagement through fostering high-performing teams, aiming for success, and employee retention, among other things, and is appropriate for businesses of all sizes and sectors.

A template library for different kinds of staff surveys is available from Culture Amp.

The tool uses cutting-edge research and technology to source the largest dataset available anywhere in the world. It is capable of developing a potent, data-driven people strategy that is advantageous to both companies and workers.

You may improve performance and engagement by connecting the dots of the employee experience with its sophisticated features.

Moreover, it expedites the employee development process by providing accurate and helpful feedback. Everyone on your team, managers and team members alike, can respond to such criticism with ease and effectiveness when you use Culture Amp’s Action Framework.

Salient Features:

  • Management of Users, Roles, and Access
  • Dashboards & Reporting
  • Employee Pulse Surveys
  • Customization of Surveys
  • 360-degree evaluations
  • Examine the Status Tracking
  • OKRs And Company Objectives
  • Individual Meetings

Bonus advice: Use a 5-point agreement scale for each question to provide a solid anchor.

Cost: Culture Amp provides four more pricing options: Develop ($4), Engage ($5), Perform ($11) and The Employee Experience Platform ($16).

#2 – Pingboard


Pingboard makes managing employees easier by offering contact details, access to organizational data, and easily customized profiles and charts.

You may view every member of your team in one location with all the necessary facts thanks to its visual chart.

Automatic changes are ensured via a smooth interaction with the employee database, which makes scaling effectively possible for teams that are expanding quickly.

Its search feature facilitates effective communication and keeps one informed about the actions of colleagues, and its graphic organizational chart encourages connectedness in hybrid setups.

Salient Features:

  • Contact Details: Centralize contact information for staff members
  • Organized Data Access: Quick access to essential data
  • Customized Profiles and Charts: Create images that are exclusive to your business
  • Visual Chart: Promote harmony and cooperation
  • Connectivity of Remote Workers: Linking Hybrid Teams
  • Smooth Integration: The employment database is updated automatically
  • Scalability: Effective management of expansion

Bonus advice: Use the customisable charts and profiles on Pingboard to improve teamwork. Adapt these images to accurately convey the hierarchy of your company and foster interconnectivity.

Cost: Pingboard offers four different plans: Basic ($149/month), Essential ($299/month), Pro ($300/month), and Custom Pricing (based on your design).

#3- Deal


With integrated employee survey tools, Deel’s workforce management platform helps you to optimize your data collecting and analysis. You can make wise selections with the help of these tools because they include extensive analytics, such as demographic filters and trend analysis.

You may modify and start pulse surveys in Slack, your preferred communication channel, with smooth plugins. Regular feedback gathering is ensured by Deel’s scheduled and automated surveys, which can improve your workplace culture.

Furthermore, surveys may be conducted in many languages because to the platform’s multilingual support, which removes barriers to participation and encourages greater engagement.

The analytical process is made easy and effective by the platform’s interactive reports, real-time data visualization, and configurable questionnaires.

Salient Features of Deel:

  • Integrated Tools for Employee Surveys: Effective Data Gathering and Analysis
  • Advanced Analytics: Demographic filters, trend analysis, and insights
  • Automated and Scheduled Surveys: Consistent gathering of input
  • Multilingual Assistance: Language-specific surveys
  • Customized Surveys: Design surveys to meet certain requirements
  • Interactive Reports: Visual reports make analysis easier
  • Instantaneous Data Visualization: Boost insights instantly

Bonus advice: Use Deel’s advanced analytics, such as trend analysis and demographic filters, to get the most out of your data study. These features offer profound insights for thoughtful decision-making.

Cost: With this plan, you can test Deel out for nothing. Paid plans with several unique pricing choices and starting at $49/month for the Contractors plan and $599/month for the EOR plan.

#4- CultureMonkey


CultureMonkey supports companies worldwide by creating an exceptional workplace culture with highly engaged and driven staff members. Eventually, this results in a culture of positivity throughout the ecosystem and a rise in happiness.

With CultureMonkey, you can use both industrial and personalized standards of web and mobile apps to collect employee feedback, gauge contentment, and encourage positive actions from inputs.

It offers excellent employee engagement templates to assist you in provoking thought-provoking answers.

With over one hundred survey templates available on CultureMonkey, you can either construct your own or modify an already-existing template to create a new one.

With a different dashboard and a customizable frequency, pulse surveys are possible. The autopilot function aids in crafting customized inquiries aimed at over thirty employees.

Salient Features:

  • Cooperation
  • Employee Pulse Surveys
  • Customization of Surveys
  • Setting Objectives and Difficulties
  • templates based on science
  • Division of Workers
  • Portal for Social Feedback

Bonus advice: Mix qualitative and quantitative questions to get both numerical data and mental expressions.

Cost: CultureMonkey has not made available the details of the tools’ prices. You must request a demo and alter the quote to meet your needs.

#5- Connecteam


An all-in-one software program called Connecteam is made for companies, especially those with a large number of non-desk workers.

Employer administration, communication, and teamwork are streamlined by a number of capabilities offered under three distinct platform packages known as “hub.”

You’ll find the features you need for surveys under Communication Hub, and small teams can take advantage of full access, including anonymous survey functionality.

It does not let you down with its intuitive UI, extensive customization options, effective staff time tracking, and prompt customer support.

Salient Features of Connecteam:

  • All-in-One Solution: Collaboration, communication, and employee management
  • Interface User-Friendly: Simple platform
  • Excellent Customization Capabilities: Meet business requirements
  • Employee Time Tracking: Time tracking features that are effective
  • Customer service that responds: committed assistance
  • Extensive feature set: assortment of instruments for commercial activities

Bonus advice: Take full advantage of Connecteam’s vast feature set, which goes beyond pulse surveys and includes operational forms and personnel checks.

Teams can boost efficiency by customizing the platform to meet their unique needs thanks highly adjustable features and user-friendly interface.

Price: Teams with up to ten members can sign up for a free plan. Plans for subscriptions that start at $29 for Operations Basic, $49 for Operations Advanced, and $99 for Operations Expert per month. Also check content writing tools

The Importance Of Employee Surveys

For team leaders or people operators looking to better understand their workforce, know what their team members need, and cultivate an engaged workforce, employee surveys are a priceless tool.

The most important reason is, of course, the gathering and application of unprocessed data that supports business objectives by establishing a link between success and employee engagement.


Because motivated workers are less likely to experience burnout, absenteeism, or turnover, which helps organizations save a lot of money.

They create a happier work atmosphere, are more productive, and provide superior customer service. Something we’re all after!

This perspective on the advantages of employee involvement is shared even by Forbes.

Employee survey tools give you the ability to collect feedback on many parts of the work environment, assess employee happiness, and discover areas for development.

If you use these tools properly, your team can use them as a forum to voice ideas, worries, and suggestions, which will promote empowerment and a sense of inclusion.

We want to collaborate amicably and provide the finest value, after all. Because of this, it’s critical to make sure that everyone is at ease and that their opinions are heard at work. You can do so effectively and tastefully with the aid of these employee survey tools!

Features To Look For In Employee Survey Tools

Choosing the appropriate employee survey instrument is essential to getting useful insights and data that can be put to use. To make sure your surveys are successful, look for the following characteristics as you investigate the market:

  • Customization of Surveys: You may design surveys that reflect the culture of your business and cover pertinent themes with customizable survey templates, question types, and branding options.
  • Ease of Use: The tool should be simple to use and intuitive, making it easy for you to create surveys and for staff to reply in an understandable manner.
  • Options for Survey Distribution: Verify that the tool provides a variety of ways to the distribute the survey, including email, web links, and integration with Slack and other collaboration platforms. This adaptability makes sure you can communicate with any employee, no matter where they are or how they wish to be reached.
  • Anonymous Responses: When employee feedback is given in an anonymous manner, it is frequently more direct and truthful. Seek for solutions that provide anonymous feedback to motivate staff members to express their sincere opinions and worries.
  • Real-Time Reporting and Analytics: It is really helpful to have access to real-time survey data and analytics. Seek for a solution with easily comprehensible dashboards, charts, and reports that offer concise and useful insights.
  • Survey Security and Compliance: Information obtained from employee surveys needs to be kept private and secure. The tool you select needs to provide security features to the safeguard sensitive data and adhere to all applicable data protection laws.
  • Integration Capabilities: Take into account how well the survey tool works with the productivity and HR systems you already have. Processes for reporting and data analysis can be streamlined with seamless integration.
  • Scalability: Your survey tool should be able to handle higher survey volumes and respondent counts without sacrificing functionality as your company expands.

The Bottom Line? Listen to Your Employee More Often!

People are the company’s lifeblood, after all. Keep an eye on changes over time, assess the success of new initiatives & the make data-driven decisions for the firm and yourself.

Through the appropriate use of best practices and an appropriate staff survey instrument, you may collect useful data and promote a continuous improvement culture. You’ll receive professional support and a sophisticated feature set with these 11 alternatives I listed.

See our list of the Top 10 Survey Apps if you’re looking for a clear-cut, user-friendly solution that can accommodate a range of operational survey needs. It enumerates the top choices that let you quickly and simply develop and distribute employee surveys.

Recall that conducting staff surveys need to be an ongoing process. Perceptions are subject to change based on time and situation.

If you want to genuinely listen to your staff, you need regularly collect feedback and monitor their advancement.

Engage your staff members in the decision-making process. In this manner, you may cultivate a more contented and engaged staff, which in turn leads to improved output and total achievement.

Select a tool from our carefully curated collection to begin your survey and advance in your quest to pay attention, comprehend, and improve the working environment.

you increase employee satisfaction and engagement at work, be sure you check out our comprehensive tactics and best practices for employee surveys.

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