Top 15 Best Free Image Converter In 2023

Best and most popular free image converter will be described in this article. To convert files into a format that is compatible with your OS, are you still hunting for the best free image converter? I’ve gathered 23 software programmes whose capabilities extend beyond only changing image formats.

Additionally, you can change the distinction & brightness. Choose the choice from the list below that best suits your needs!

Top 15 Best Free Image Converters In 2023

Top 15 Best Free Image Converters are explained here.

1. CleverPDF


27+ tools for conversion

27+ useful resources

user interface that is simple Archives files

permits the addition of photos, music, and video segments


Use CleverPDF to easily complete the operation of converting PDF files into DOC or DOCX formats without spending a penny.

This free online service is accessible on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Windows desktops.

You can choose from any of the 27 conversion tools that are available to sort your files, translate documents, alter page titles, divide files, encrypt PDFs, add bookmarks or page numbers, etc. in addition to doing the automatic correction. This is another free image converter.

This software’s main benefit is its user-friendly, straightforward interface.

It is unrestricted, works with any initials, and supports over 100 different languages.

With CleverPDF, you may edit PDF files, add images, videos, and audio files, and change the format of a file so that it is easy to read or print.

2. Adaptor



All types of audio, video, & image formats can be converted with the free image conversion software Adapter.

Users can view a preview of the conversion outcome and contrast it with the source file.

In contrast to other free software, Adapter doesn’t consume much space, doesn’t call for other programmes, and doesn’t add its own watermarks.

When using the software’s batch conversion mode, all you have to do is add files to a sequence, choose the settings, and click “Convert.”

This mode allows you to apply watermarks, make all photographs the same size, and other features.

Learn about the top free video converter.

3. DVDVideoSoft


To convert batches

allows you to change the image titles and sizes.

Batch conversion and editing

able to organise photos based on specified criteria

adjustable measurements

only allows conversion into six photo formats

All files in the queue are in the same format.

The logo of dvdvideosoft


Desktop photo converter software from DVDVideoSoft, Free Image Convert and Resize, changes the names, sizes, and ordering of individual photos and file folders while converting them into the required format.

This programme runs on Windows and supports well-known image formats.

The software’s performance won’t suffer when you import a lot of photographs.

Images can be easily changed in settings and separated from other files in a folder by the converter.

Discover the conversion process for PNG files.

4. SendTo-Convert


About automated conversion

Convenient and logical

Quick image conversion

Can manually specify every conversion parameter

Drag-and-drop capabilities

Only has 5 formats in which to convert photos was last updated in 2015

logo for sendto-convert


The greatest free image converter that is entirely automated is definitely SendTo-Convert.

Without continually visiting the settings, you may set the export format, quality constraints, size, and export folder to swiftly convert photographs. This is another free image converter.

Furthermore, you can convert files even before you launch the app.

Drag the file over to the program’s icon.

Despite its advantages, this software only supports the five most common photo formats; nevertheless, you can extend its functionality by installing plug-ins.

Additionally, SendTo-Convert enables batch operations that let you handle several photos at once.

5. Easy2Convert


Competent batch converter

User interface that is simple

Allows conversion of Photoshop files

Support for batch conversion

An excellent Help section

There are no more alternatives

The demo version adds watermarks to the photographs

logo for easy2convert


Easy2Convert is a line of freeware image converters that can handle images in numerous formats, from GIF files to ISO.

The app offers two conversion options: you can modify the image’s size and quality.

It doesn’t take long for the conversion and the file upload.

6. CopyTrans


HEIC files are

Conversion from HEIC to JPG instantly

Show and browse the HEIC thumbnails.

HEIC photos maintain EXIF metadata

Not available online HEIC to JPG conversion

There is no HEIC To JPG solution for macOS.

Brand copytrans


Free software from CopyTrans is available to convert HEIC/HEIF (High Efficiency Image Format) images into Windows-compatible formats.

With iOS 11, these images have taken the place of JPEG files, and PC owners may now see them.

The problem is that since Windows-based computers are unable to view HEIC images, when you attempt to open one of these files, you merely see its JPEG counterpart.

While alternative software exists that enables the opening of HEIC files on the Windows platform, only CopyTrans guarantees native support.



Converts numerous JPGs

JPG files can be integrated into a unmarried PDF file.

Speedy conversion

Without Acrobat PDF, it works

Support for rich image formats

restrictions on some conversions

Free image converter from jpg to pdf

JPG to PDF Conclusion:

Windows users that need to quickly convert photos to PDF frequently utilise JPG To PDF.

You can also combine many JPEG photos into a single PDF file in addition to converting each file individually.

A built-in image analyzer is also available, allowing you to convert JPG, TIF, BMP, PNG, GIF, ICO, PSD, TIFF, and JPEG files into PDF files. This is another free image converter.

The programme does not require Acrobat PDF or any other PDF software in order to function properly because it is powered by a stand-alone converting engine.

I enjoy how quickly JPG To PDF can convert dozens of JPG photos into a PDF file.

Even with large files, the programme will handle the task more quickly than analogues.

8. JinaPDF


Document conversion from scanned files

Supports a number of formats

OCR software

Allows for scanned files

Maximum discretion Limited free version

Processing slowly

Logo for jinapdf image converter

Free JinaPDF Download


A free online converter is JinaPDF.

It supports a number of formats, enabling users to manipulate and convert diverse files.

Additionally, it enables text conversion from the most widely used photo formats, such as JPG, BMP, and PNG.

Additionally, the service allows you to extract text from scanned images thanks to OCR technology.

You can select the appropriate language before beginning the conversion because the software supports a variety of languages.

You may simply upload files, choose a format, and receive the finished product without having to download any software on your device.

Since the software’s creators place a high priority on protecting user data, your files will be automatically deleted after conversion.

9. FileZigZag


Free converter online

Online programmes

convenient and user-friendly

15 export formats are available.

Possesses a free compression tool.

Small file size

only able to process 10 files each day filezigzag logo



An online image converter is FileZigZag.

As long as each photo is no more than 10MB in size, you are allowed to convert up to 10 images daily.

You don’t require to download & install any files because the software is browser-based.

More image formats are supported by this straightforward converter than by the majority of web programmes I’ve used.

10. Zamzar


Online conversion is simple

Possibility of use without installation

Upon completion of the conversion, you are sent an email.

Does not call for a user account

Broad range of formats is supported

Conversion requires time.

Discretionary features for free accounts

Zemzar’s logo


Most photo and graphic files are supported by this image conversion software, along with a number of CAD formats. This is another free image converter.

Link a URL or upload a file from your computer.

You must give your email address or wait for a link to appear on the upload screen in order to receive the results.

To convert files, you don’t need to download this software.

The free account restrictions I’ve noticed include a 150MB maximum file size and a 24-hour upload limit of just two files.

Learn about the converters available for RAW file editing.

11. Convertio


Supported formats include

11000 recognised formats without the need for signature

Enhanced options

Has a Chrome addon

Only a certain number of conversions each day

Some functionalities are subparly implemented.

logo for convertio


is arguably the best free image converter on the internet, supporting more than 11330 different image formats in total.

All transformations are finished quickly—within 1-2 minutes—and without taxing your OS because the conversion is done in the cloud.

For 24 hours, files can be downloaded from the cloud before being deleted.

Users may convert photographs with only one click thanks to this user-friendly tool, which is accessible to everyone without any registration.

12. CloudConvert


Online files converter Online programmes

Excellent outcomes without corrupted files

Over 200 formats are supported.

Potential issues while processing huge files with this API

intermittent disconnections

logo for cloudconvert


Over 200 image, audio, video, document, e-book, table, archive, & presentation formats are supported by the online converter CloudConvert.

You can customise the conversion using the open-source code of this free image converter software, which enables you to choose the export files’ quality, size, and other factors.

It can be combined with a variety of well-known programmes, such Dropbox or OneDrive, Google Drive vs. Amazon Drive, and others.

13. online-convert


Media converter for free

Requires no installation

Numerous supported formats are listed.

Has a Chrome addon

Able to choose a target service

No added capabilities

Only following online registration may conversion parameters be saved for a particular logo.


greatest picture converter available online, Online-Convert may be used to change photos, movies, audio files, archives, PDFs, and more. This is another free image converter.

You can select the target service for which you are modifying the file format before you begin the conversion.

For instance, the software will automatically apply a preset with the necessary size to transform an image for Instagram.

14. BatchPhoto Espresso

BatchPhoto Espresso

To edit and convert

Utilizes smartphones

Features picture editing

Feature for batch conversion

Images can simply be downloaded from a PC because large downloads are saved as ZIP files.

Only a handful of import formats are supported

Espresso batchphoto logo



You may use BatchPhoto Espresso without downloading any software because it is an online batch picture editor.

This option includes the capabilities of rotating, cropping, and applying special effects to files.

You can alter a photo’s brightness, contrast, sharpness, and more. You can even convert it to black and white.

You can change an image’s name, quality, and size before saving it. This is another free image converter.

Find out the best method for converting a JPEG file.

15. XnConvert


Open-source application

Accelerated batch conversion

Simple and practical

Cross-platform applications

Nearly 500 picture formats are supported

Software occasionally lags

The preview screen ought to be bigger.

Brand xnconvert


XnConvert is a cross-platform, quick, and free image converter with a batch conversion capability.

The best feature of XnConvert is that it can convert more than 500 different graphic file formats, making practically all image types acceptable for it. This is another free image converter.

You can use the software to automatically alter photo collections.

Choose one or more of the 80+ options on offer (you can, for example, modify the size, crop, colour, apply a filter, etc.) and then save the presets so you can use them frequently when converting other photographs.

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