How to Find a Professional Transcription-To-Text Service for Your Industry

Are you trying to find a professional transcription service provider? Today, transcription services are in high demand. As a result, new companies are starting every day. However, all these firms are not created the same. That’s why it’s always challenging to find the right one.

Factors to Consider When Looking for a Transcription-To-Text Provider

To make sure you are receiving the best service, it’s essential to thoroughly evaluate all potential companies before signing any contracts. When hiring a transcription company, you should base your decision on more than just the cost. Your first consideration should be about what your preferences and needs are. To assist you in finding the right professional transcription firm, here are some factors to ponder.

Quality and Accuracy

Quality is vital when it comes to any transcription project. In the modern world, transcription services are easily accessible. Due to technology, there has been an increase in the number of automated transcription services that have affected the popularity of manual transcription. However, there is a significant difference in quality between human- and machine-generated transcripts. Technically, a manual transcript beats an automated one when it comes to producing top-notch results.

So, before you choose a company, you must first review the quality of the service they offer. One thing that makes a firm stand out is having talented transcribers with thorough experience. Transcriptionists should be able to understand and interpret accents as well as recognize punctuation and grammatical errors. Choose a transcription company that guarantees your final product will have an accuracy level of at least 99%.

Level of Expertise Within Your Industry

Another essential thing to consider when finding a professional transcription-to-text provider is its level of expertise. Many providers focus on a particular industry. Start by trying to find out the identity of their previous and current customers. Has the vendor served various hospitals but no legal firms? Such a company might not be the best for you if you are a lawyer.

On the other hand, various companies offer their services to a wide variety of industries. This business model is possible to execute but challenging, too. So, if you are considering a company serving numerous fields, ensure they segment their transcribers by type and industry expertise. This way, you will get a professional who understands industry jargon, nuances, abbreviations, and specific terms.

Data Security Procedures

Confidentiality involves ensuring information is only accessible to those authorized, which is fundamental to info security. In many industries, the audio transcribed does not include confidential or personal data. But many companies seeking transcription services usually have sensitive data within their audio files, such as health records, security numbers, financial data, etc. This is particularly true for the health, legal, and insurance sector. So, if your company falls under these categories, finding a provider who prioritizes data security and has documented and tested measures in place is imperative.

Before you choose a vendor, ask questions about how they ensure data security. Reliable companies will provide you with an insight into their security system. They will let you know their encryption methods and how long they store your data on their servers before deleting them. Also, they should be ready to sign a non-disclosure agreement with you.

Turnaround Time and Scheduling

Turnaround time is another important factor you should consider when hiring a firm. Is it open-ended, or do they have some guidelines for how long a file should take to be transcribed? Stay away from any provider that leaves the timeframe open. This is because it could lead to delays in your project, which might be detrimental to you.

Also, find out whether they offer any rush order services. Selecting a vendor who can deliver with tight deadlines can be handy when you need your text transcribed quickly. What is their fastest turnaround? And what does their policy say about emergency orders? Also, ensure they have a straightforward process for initiating rush orders.

Hire the Best Transcription Company

A simple search online for a professional transcription provider will give you so many parties claiming to offer the best services. Finding the right one becomes difficult, with new companies constantly popping up. But you can skip all these troubles when you have GoTranscript by your side. It has a pool of talented transcribers, so you can always expect quality deliveries from them. Click here for your first transcription upload!

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