How to Get Started with Laser Cutting? – Beginners Guide

Laser cutters are excellent tools that enable the creation of a wide range of items. from making straightforward boxes to carving intricate designs into wood to constructing challenging three-dimensional things.

In this tutorial for beginners, I’ll go over the fundamentals of how a laser cutter operates, give you a few examples of things you can make with a laser, and demonstrate how to design items for laser cutting or engraving. Also, you’ll discover what materials can be used as well as how to gain access to a laser cutter.

What is a  laser cutter ?

A vimer here company computer-controlled device called a laser cutter utilizes a laser beam to accurately cut or etch material. Essentially, a laser is essentially highly concentrated, highly amplified light. The material burns, melts, or vaporizes locally as a result of the laser beam. Depending on the laser’s kind and power, a laser can cut different types of materials.

“Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation” (Laser) is the abbreviation for this process. The 1960s saw the development of laser technology

Several kinds of laser cutters exist. Since hobbyists and small enterprises most frequently employ gas lasers—and CO2 lasers in particular—this article will concentrate on them. The majority of other types, like fibre or crystal lasers,

Wood, paper, acrylic, fabrics, leather, and other non-metallic materials can all be cut and engraved using CO2 laser cutters. Look here for additional information and materials.

How is a laser cutter put to use?

The laser beam is produced in a tube that is filled with CO2 gas in a CO2 laser cutter equipment. The laser beam is then focussed on the material surface by the laser head with the aid of mirrors and lenses. The laser head is moved by electronically controlled motors to cut or engrave the required shape into the workpiece’s material. An input file, which can be either a vector or raster image, defines the shape.

The material melts, burns, or vaporises when the laser strikes it because only a very small region is heated in an incredibly little amount of time.

What may a laser cutter be used for?

A laser cutter can generally be used for three different tasks: cutting, engraving, and marking.


A cut is made when the laser beam completely penetrates the workpiece’s substance. Generally speaking, a laser cut is quite accurate and tidy. The material affects how the cut edges appear. For instance, cut wood typically has edges that are a darker brown than the original wood. After laser cutting, acrylic edges maintain their color and have a lovely glossy finish.


When the top material is partially removed by the laser beam but not completely, this is referred to as engraving.


When the laser marks a surface vimer here, it does not remove any material but rather modifies its properties, such as color. While working with metals, CO2 laser cutters are typically utilized for marking.

On the workpiece’s surface, a marking solution (such as Cermak or Endura mark) is applied. An engraving is done after the marking solution has dried. A permanent mark is produced when the laser’s heat bonds the solution to the metal.

Four steps to getting started with laser cutting

  1. Get a laser cutter.
  2. Choose the material you want to cut or engrave.
  3. Produce your artwork

Cut it or engrave it in 4.

  1. Must I purchase a laser cutter?

Frequently, the response will be “no”—you don’t need to purchase a laser cutter. There are numerous additional ways to obtain a laser cutter.


Find a local makerspace if you’re interested in using a laser cutter for some practical experience. Makerspaces are collaborative workspaces for making and learning, often known as maker labs or hackerspaces. They provide a wide range of tools, such as 3D printers, CNC machines, soldering irons, and frequently even laser cutters!

Services for laser cutting

Using a laser cutting service is the third choice. By using a laser cutting service, you simply submit them your files, pick a material, and the business will cut the pieces and send them to you thereafter.

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