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How To Use VoiceOver On Mac in 2024

This post will talk about How To Use VoiceOver On Mac. Visually challenged users may now explore applications and websites more easily thanks to screen readers like JAWS and NVDA. VoiceOver, an incorporated accessibility feature, on the other hand, is useful for Mac users. This feature provides a highly tailored and easy user experience that complements Apple’s accessibility options. In this tutorial, we’ll go over everything you need to know to get started with VoiceOver on your Mac.

How to Use VoiceOver on Mac in 2024

This post will teach you How To Use VoiceOver On Mac, and the information are provided below.

Users explore and grasp applications and webpages using universal screen readers such as NVDA and JAWS. However, Mac users may utilize VoiceOver, a built-in feature of macOS, without the need to install any extra screen readers. The tool’s architecture supports highly adjustable and Apple-friendly accessibility options. This includes anything from altering the focus settings on your keyboard to installing a new braille display.

This is all you need to get started with VoiceOver on Mac.

How Do I Enable VoiceOver?

VoiceOver on the Mac may be activated in a variety of ways. These are their names:

  • Open System Preferences, choose Accessibility, and then VoiceOver from the menu on the left under the Vision category. Finally, press the Talk Back button. Then, by pressing the Open VoiceOver Training button, you may quickly access the Quick Start training menu. In the menu that displays when you select the Open VoiceOver Utility button, you may change your voice profiles and reading speed.
  • You may enable VoiceOver using a keyboard shortcut by pressing Command + F5. When the window opens, click the Use VoiceOver button. Then, by choosing the Learn More option, you may learn about the important instructions and how to utilize the function.
  • Using Siri Is Siri enabled on your computer? If this is the case, you may ask Siri to activate VoiceOver.

Set it to turn on automatically when your Mac starts up by going to System Preferences > Users & Groups > VoiceOver. Select the Login Options button at the bottom of the user list. Enter your administrator password if the lock icon on the bottom left is closed. From the menu, choose Accessibility Options. Select the VoiceOver > checkbox. Apply the changes.

How Do I Enable VoiceOver on Mac?

There are various methods to stop VoiceOver on Mac, but the most basic is to learn the keyboard shortcut. To turn off VoiceOver, just press Command + F5. Please keep in mind, however, that this shortcut also enables this utility. It may also be disabled via System Preferences. To turn off VoiceOver, uncheck the box next to it and follow the steps outlined above.

Can You Change the VoiceOver Settings?

Yes, you may adjust the VoiceOver settings using the VoiceOver Utility program. Launch VoiceOver Utility and click the Help button to learn more about your choices. When you have VoiceOver enabled on your Mac, press VO-F8 to open the VoiceOver Utility. Alternatively, go to the Apple menu and pick VoiceOver > Open VoiceOver Utility > System Settings > Accessibility > VoiceOver.

You may search for settings using the toolbar in the VoiceOver Utility window. Enter your search word in the supplied box, then use the down or up arrow keys to navigate through the results. For each result, the VoiceOver Utility program will highlight the option and show the pane containing it.

After making the appropriate changes, you may use VoiceOver, the macOS screen reader, in any manner you like. You may use a range of speech choices, braille devices, and customize web page navigation, among other things.

How Do I Make Use of VoiceOver Gestures?

If your Mac has a trackpad and the Trackpad Commander is enabled, you may utilize VoiceOver gestures to interact with screen objects and navigate. Trackpad Commander is activated by holding down the VoiceOver modifier and moving two fingers clockwise anywhere on the trackpad. This may be turned off by holding down the VoiceOver modifier and turning two fingers counterclockwise.

When surfing or interacting with things on the screen, you cannot change the gestures that come with VO. Other motions, on the other hand, may be changed. You may personalize them by giving them VO instructions.

If you can’t see what’s in your VO pointer on the screen, simply press three times.

If you hear anything while dragging your finger and want to pick it up, just keep it on the trackpad and tap with your second finger. This is known as a split tap.

How Can Braille Displays Be Used With VoiceOver?

In order for VO to work, you must connect a suitable braille display to your Mac. Following that, VO will detect the display on its own and convey information about what’s on it. You may attach several braille displays to your Mac. You may also use the VoiceOver Utility program to customize your braille experience.


VoiceOver is a helpful and efficient screen recorder that comes standard with Mac computers. This feature is useful for users who are blind or have other visual issues since it reads everything on the screen. Simply move your finger over different objects to hear them read aloud to activate the feature. Take some time to study what your Mac’s VO function can accomplish if you haven’t already.

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