15 Mobile Game Engines Development Platforms

Best and demanding mobile game engines development platforms will be discussed in this article. For the straightforward reason that virtually anyone can design and develop a mobile game, mobile game development has recently gained a lot of popularity.

No prior programming knowledge, coding experience, or sizable financial resources are required. You can create your first game in a matter of hours if you have a solid idea, motivation, and a passion in gaming. We shall examine the top game engines currently on the market in this article.

The platforms listed below are the same ones that thousands of game developers frequently use. You should have enough knowledge after reading it to select a platform for making your first mobile game.

Additionally, you will be able to publish your mobile game on the main app shops, such as the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Top 15 Best mobile game engines and development platforms In 2022

Top 15 Best mobile game engines and development platforms are explained here.

1. Unity


Unity provides 2D and 3D game development technologies that assist teams in working cooperatively to build games.

The game engine is cross-platform and works with a variety of desktop, mobile, and other platforms.

The indie game development platform Unity is well-liked and simple for new creators to utilise.

Users can develop interactive simulations for video games and animation for the film, automotive, engineering, and other industries in addition to 2D and 3D games.

Additionally, Unity enables the import of elements from other 3D programmes or the direct purchase of items from other retailers. Also check Best Game Recording Software

Since Unity is one of the multiple popular and widely used development platforms, users may readily obtain support resources, guidelines, and community support.

Backed-up platforms:

IOS and Android are examples of mobile platforms.

Windows, Mac, and Linux desktop platforms

Platforms for the web and WebGL Consoles like the PS4, PS5, and Xbox Platforms for virtual and augmented reality like Oculus and PlayStation VR

Frequently played games created with Unity:

Beat Saber Cuphead, Monument Valley, Pokémon Go, and Call of Duty: Mobile Price:

Personal: free Plus: $399 per seat annually

2. Unreal Engine

Unreal Engine

Another well-known game engine is Unreal Engine.

Unreal Engine is mostly employed in the development of 3D games, although it is also used in other fields.

For instance, the film industry utilises it to make animated movies and virtual sets.

One of Unreal Engine’s main benefits is that it doesn’t require programming knowledge, which is why it is regarded as being user-friendly.

Additionally, there is a market area where platform developers can buy and sell paid and unpaid materials.

Another beneficial aspect for game makers is that Unreal Engine supports desktop, mobile, and other platforms, just like Unity does.

Backed-up platforms:

Android and iOS, Mac OS X, and Microsoft Windows

Magic Leap, HTC Vive & the Oculus, PlayStation VR, Samsung Gear VR, & HoloLens 2 Popular games made with Unreal Engine: Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox One & Series X/S], and Stadia

Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Earthblood for Fortnite

Bespoke licence to an Enterprise software at a custom price for $1,000 per seat per year 3.

3. Solar2D (ex Corona SDK)


A 2D mobile app can be created by game developers using Solar2D, formerly known as Corona SDK.

It is a Lua-based game engine with a focus on simplicity of use and iterations.

The development kit is open-source and available for free.

It also facilitates cross-platform game development. This is another mobile game engines development platforms.

In addition to a marketplace where 2D features and plugins are sold, Solar2D offers a vibrant user community.

Additionally, it includes Solar2D Playground, an interactive website for immediately starting and finishing projects online.

Backed-up platforms:

Connected TV apps for Apple TV, Fire TV, and Android TV iOS and Android Kindle Desktop apps for Windows, Linux, and macOS

Frequently played games created with Solar2D:

Cost of the Flappy Bird Match 3 Space RPG Corona Cannon:

fundamental functions that are free.

4. SpriteKit-2D sprite-based games

SpriteKit-2D sprite-based games

One of the best ways to create games on iOS is with SpriteKit.

Apple created the game engine directly.

Game designers may draw 2D graphics, text, shapes, and video using the SpriteKit framework.

It is regarded as a user-friendly framework for developing graphically complex apps and games.

The best choice for creating Apple-based games is definitely SpriteKit, which has a straightforward programming interface.

There is no requirement to download extra libraries or resources from outside sources because it is supported by Apple.

Additionally, SpriteKit guarantees that the apps you create will flawlessly complement both new and existing Apple products.

Backed-up platforms:

Examples of games created with SpriteKit for iOS include:

Accelebot Squishy Bug Trestle Price:

3. Buildbox


One of the top game development platforms and one of the most user-friendly game engines for making Android games is Buildbox.

It doesn’t require any programming or scripting knowledge and is quite ideal for novices without any prior coding experience.

Buildbox enables game developers to quickly and easily construct 2D and 3D mobile games.

In order to create games with a professional appearance, drag & drop functionality is used.

Another advantage that will encourage you to start creating your own mobile games is the large user base.

Backed-up platforms:

Examples of games created with Buildbox for iOS and Android:

Pricing for Color Switch Ball Jump Slip Away Blue Edge The Line Zen

$189.99 a year for Free Plus

Pro: $499.98 per year

6. AppGameKit


Another game development tool that doesn’t necessitate specialised coding knowledge is AppGameKit.

It is a cross-platform mobile engine that enables game game and deployment across several platforms. This is another mobile game engines development platforms.

Once a game is coded, it is accessible on all platforms.

AppGameKit is the ideal tool for creating 2D games with some fundamentally 3D components.

You will have enough possibilities, especially if you are a beginner, to create and launch your game.

The ideal approach to create a mobile game is with AppGameKit Studio, an all-in-one development environment that has everything required to take an idea from the basic concept to a finished game.

Backed-up platforms:

Mac OS X Linux iOS Android (inc Google, Amazon & Ouya)

Examples of HTML5 video games created with AppGameKit

Pricing for the Driving Theory Test Kit Repton 2 Skrobol:

Classic AppGameKit – $49.99

Unlimited AppGameKit – $254.89

There are other options for bundles.

7. Construct 3

Construct 3

2D mobile games are developed and produced using the Construct 3 game engine. Also check why my ping so high 

Role-playing games (RPGs), riddles, and racing games are where it is most frequently used.

Use of the Box2D physics engine is available to those who are interested in creating physics-based video games.

Construct 3 was created by Scirra Ltd, which calls it “the best game creation programme in the world.”

No coding knowledge is necessary for game development because it takes place in a browser.

For those who want to learn JavaScript as well, Construct 3 offers JavaScript as an extra programming language.

Backed-up platforms:


HTML5 Xbox Web embedding

A game made with Construct 3 as an example:

The Fall of Gravity Cosmochoria The Following Penelope Airscape Cost:

Person: €16,49 per month

Beginning at €12,51 per seat each month

Organization: €33,26 per month

8. Fusion 2.5

Fusion 2.5

A game engine called 2.5 Fusion 2.5 employs an event editing framework to create games and applications quickly. This is another mobile game engines development platforms.

It was created by Clickteam, a French software development company with the mission of enhancing game performance.

Additionally fully linked with the physics engine, Fusion 2.5 has a vibrant user community that may assist you as you go.

The platform’s interface doesn’t call for highly developed programming abilities.

Fusion facilitates the development of 2D mobile games, although is typically more suited to the development of static games.

Backed-up platforms:

Android Flash XNA iOS (Windows Mobile phone and Xbox)

A game made with Fusion 2.5 as an example:

Pricing for the Distraint Quadle Bit Odyssey:

Price ranges for the full edition are $59.99 and $99.99.

The cost of extra packages ranges from $39.99 to $149.99.

9. GameMaker Studio

GameMaker Studio

Games is the company that created the game engine known as GameMaker Studio 2.

This game engine also offers cross-platform game development with Game Maker Language, a drag-and-drop programming language.

Although this game engine was created for beginners, complex games can also be constructed using the provided scripting language. This is another mobile game engines development platforms.

The range of supported platforms is GameMaker’s greatest asset.

Additionally, a wide variety of users may quickly design and distribute a mobile game thanks to a big toolkit.

In fact, after just an hour of use, the majority of people can already make games.

The platform focuses mostly on producing 2D video games utilising a common library of graphical visuals.

Backed-up platforms:


PlayStations 4, 5, and

XS Xbox

HTML5 for Nintendo Switch

GameMaker Studio 2 examples of games created:

Webbed Super Hiking League DX Samurai Gunn 2 Price:

$4.99/month for Free Creator

Independent – $9.99/month

Business – $79.99/month

10. MonoGame


Cross-platform MonoGame engine is mostly used to create 2D games. Also check Gameboy advance android emulator

Modern, quick, and dependable game code is created using the C# and.NET programming languages.

Additionally, this game engine is built on the user-friendly Microsoft XNA framework.

Its vast user base and usage of open-source technology are its two major benefits.

Additionally, it supports a lot of other platforms.

Backed-up platforms:


Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PSVita

Microsoft Switch

An illustration of a game created with MonoGame

Skulls of the FEZ Bastion Cost:

11. Amazon Lumberyard

Amazon Lumberyard

This is another mobile game engines development platforms. An open-source, cross-platform game engine based on CryEngine that utilises Amazon’s features is called Amazon Lumberyard.

The ability to produce games of a high calibre, AWS cloud storage, and interaction with Twitch are some advantages of Lumberyard.

The game engine has tools that are simple for beginners to use, a short learning curve, and quick prototyping.

However, they are often more expensive than other AWS products if you wish to use the AWS service with it.

Backed-up platforms:

iOS, Android, Windows, and PlayStation 4

Xbox One.

A game made utilising Amazon Lumberyard as an example:


Free Discover the most popular game mechanics for casual games.

12. Cocos2d-x


An open-source, cross-platform game engine is called Cocos2d-x. Although it facilitates the development of 2D and 3D mobile games, it is mostly targeted at seasoned programmers. C++, JavaScript, or Lua are the scripting languages supported by Cocos2d-x.

One of its most useful features is Cocos 2D-x, which enables you to make games that are extremely compact in size. It features a sizable support community and comprehensive documentation.

Backed-up platforms:

  • Windows HTML5 iOS Android Facebook Instant Games
  • An illustration of a game created with Cocos2d-x is
  • Price for Magic Rush Dragon Ball Z Pokemon Masters:

13. Haxe 4

Haxe 4

Another open-source, cross-platform programming language used to make apps and games is called Haxe.

It includes numerous game frameworks and tools that enable the use of a single code base and native performance on a variety of platforms. This is another mobile game engines development platforms.

Although this game engine is normally free, there is a cost when you require specific kinds of support.

But the money collected goes toward advancing and sustaining the Haxe ecosystem.

Backed-up platforms:


An illustration of a game created with Haxe is

Cost of the Northgard Dead Cells Spellbreak:

Professional – Free – $6,500 per year

Business – $26,000 per year

Elite: $98,000 annually

14. Gideros


Games can be made in 2D and 3D using the free and open-source Gideros game development platform. Because it is simple to learn and enables rapid game development and distribution, it is popular with mobile game makers. This is another mobile game engines development platforms.

Instant testing during the game development process, native performance, open-source plugins, and a complete set of development tools are further benefits that Gideros offers.

Backed-up platforms:


An illustration of a game created with Gideros is


15. Godot


  • For the development of 2D and 3D mobile games, Godot is a flexible and cross-platform game engine.
  • Its pixel-based measurement method makes it particularly suitable for 2D games.
  • Its node-based interface can be useful for beginning developers.
  • Godot offers a broad range of tools to facilitate the process of game development.
  • Additionally, as it is open-source, the creator of any game has complete ownership of it.
  • Godot excels in UI editing, unlike some other game engines.
  • In other words, it includes accessibility for animators, level designers, and artists to use the visual editor.
  • Backed-up platforms:
  • iOS\sAndroid\smacOS
  • Windows\sLinux
  • Microsoft Switch
  • Nintendo Switch
  • Xbox One.
  • HTML5
  • An illustration of a game created with Godot is
  • Kingdoms of the Dump: From Then On
  • A list of the top mobile game engines and development platforms
  • You may use any one of these 22 mobile game engines to make your first mobile game right now.
  • Try exploring a few different platforms for development, then pick the one that best suits your idea for a mobile game.
  • Remember that after your game is created, the gaming community needs to discover it.
  • You must correctly push your game to app stores, manage it, promote it, and increase its popularity if you want a lot of people to download and play it.
  • You can get assistance from App Radar with all of these stages as well as app store optimization for your app.
  • Not certain if you require this?
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