Best Room Scheduling Software For Hybrid Work In 2024

Best Room Scheduling Software For Hybrid Work will be discussed in this article. Explore the top 11 room scheduling software in 2024, handpicked for their innovative features and unmatched efficiency in space management. Find yours now! Explore the top 11 room scheduling software in 2024, handpicked for their innovative features and unmatched efficiency in space management. Find yours now!

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Best Room Scheduling Software For Hybrid Work In 2024

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In this article, you can know about Best Room Scheduling Software For Hybrid Work here are the details below;

Hybrid and remote work opens many possibilities. Adopting flexible working models means providing greater autonomy over scheduling while ensuring that office gatherings remain seamless.

As a people-centric leader, you likely understand this need. The good news? Many room scheduling software can help us improve the room management process and turn office spaces into centers of connectivity and creativity for everyone. We also have our comprehensive guide on hybrid office for more insights on optimizing your workplace and running a hybrid office like a pro.

These tools address common challenges like double bookings and complex calendars, enhancing the onsite experience. They also help reduce real estate costs, according to 2023 IWMS research.

I have tested and shortlisted the ten best room scheduling software in this article:

  1. OfficeRnD Hybrid – Best for Hybrid Work Scheduling
  2. Envoy – Best for Dynamic, Real-Time Space Management
  3. Skedda – Best for Simplified, Autonomous Space Optimization
  4. Robin – Best for Maximizing Efficiency with Advanced Analytics
  5. Kadence – Best for Streamlined Room Scheduling
  6. Teem – Best for In-Depth Room Utilization Reports
  7. WorkInSync – Best for Intelligent, Adaptive Scheduling Experiences
  8. Condeco – Best for Large-Scale, Predictive Space Management
  9. YArooms – Best for Addressing Double-Booking for Simultaneous Bookings
  10. Nexudus – Best for Customizing Software to Match Your Brand
  11. Eden – Best for Effortless, On-the-Go Room Management

You’ll learn about the features that distinguish each tool, aspects to consider, and pricing—everything you need to make an informed decision.

11 Room Scheduling Software in 2024

OfficeRnD Hybrid – Best for Hybrid Work Scheduling

OfficeRnD Hybrid redefines the meeting room booking experience for hybrid workplaces.

This room scheduling software offers a seamless, intuitive solution for managing meeting spaces, ensuring collaboration and productivity remain at the forefront of the hybrid remote work environment.

OfficeRnD Hybrid

OfficeRnD Hybrid Best Features:

Intuitive Room Booking

OfficeRnD Hybrid’s room booking system allows your team to navigate through a visual floor plan, applying advanced filters for duration, participants, and amenities to find the perfect space for any meeting.

Easy Room Customization

I love how OfficeRnD Hybrid makes it simple and easy to customize and manage diverse meeting rooms.

You can optimally equip meeting rooms with the necessary amenities and customize booking policies to meet the specific requirements and preferences of different teams or events.

The flexibility to create recurring bookings or make them private adds another layer of customization to the user experience.

Real-Time Availability and Data-Driven Insights

The software features are displayed at the door of each room, showing real-time availability and schedules. This not only enhances transparency but also helps in reducing no-shows.

Moreover, detailed analytics provide insights into meeting room usage, so you can easily adapt your spaces to their evolving needs.

Seamless Integration and Accessibility

OfficeRnD Hybrid integrates effortlessly with popular platforms like Microsoft Teams, Outlook, Google Calendar, and Slack.

This ensures a unified experience across all devices, making room booking accessible and synchronized whether your teams are in the office or working remotely.

Award-Winning and User-Centric

Recognized as a leader in G2 for Meeting Room Booking Systems, OfficeRnD Hybrid is not just about booking rooms; it’s about creating an environment that fosters collaboration and efficiency.

Its user-friendly interface and robust support make it an ideal choice for any leaders looking to optimize their hybrid workspace.

OfficeRnD Hybrid stands out as a comprehensive, user-friendly, and data-driven meeting room booking solution, perfect for the dynamic needs of modern hybrid workplaces.

Featured User Quote:

“So far I can find multiple areas where OfficeRnD HYBRID are performing great. First and most important is their 24h Support team who are always very helpful and quick to react to all my questions. Secondly, I will point out their MS Teams integration which allows our team to book instantly not only desks & rooms but also car parking spots with ease. Overall very easy to login, use and monitor.” – Verified G2 reviewer

OfficeRnD Hybrid Price:

  • Free: Free for up to 20 users and 20 resources. No credit card or software installation required.
  • Start: $199/month for up to 150 users.
  • Professional: $399/month for 2 locations with up to 1000 users.
  • Enterprise: Custom price for tailored features and services.

Envoy– Best for Dynamic, Real-Time Space Management


Envoy, equipped with color-coded (green, yellow, and red) indicators, streamlines room reservation and searching. This functionality extends to Envoy Mobile and integrates with Office 365 and Google Calendar.

And if you are planning to hold a confidential meeting, it’ll be completely hidden. Featuring 94 integrations, Envoy is compatible with a wide range of productivity and communication tools, making it a versatile choice for office management.

Envoy also transforms visitor management by automating visitor logging and real-time notifications, eliminating the need for manual sign-in sheets.

Envoy Best Feature:

Location-based booking via mobile app: Need to book the nearest available room? Envoy allows you to do it directly from the phone using the Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) wireless communication protocol to establish contact with the iPads in the rooms and find the nearest empty room.


  • Integration with a wide variety of tools, 94 to be precise
  • Interactive maps to find the right people and spaces to work with
  • Allows to adapt the space and its resources to the team’s needs
  • Mobile booking and interactive workplace maps through Envoy mobile.


  • Lack of sophisticated analytics
  • Limited customization options


Envoy has many benefits, but its reservation policies may limit spontaneous meetings. Its accessibility features may not meet inclusivity standards entirely, making it a concern for disabled users.

Envoy Price:

  • Trial: Free for 14 days. No payment information is required.
  • Standard: $3 per active user/month
  • Premium: $5 per active user/month
  • Premium Plus: $7 per active user/month

Featured user quote:

“Thanks to Envoy Space Management, our office’s use of space is much better organized. It’s easy to reserve a room now so that people can concentrate more on their jobs. Also, by showing us how we use our space, it’s helped us use our resources better, which has improved productivity.” Sonya P. on G2

Skedda – Best for Simplified, Autonomous Space Optimization


Skedda excels in autonomous scheduling for managing rooms effortlessly. When I discovered Skedda, its user-friendly interface immediately caught my attention. It provides versatile functions, including visual floor plans, which aid in efficient room management.

Seamlessly integrating with Office 365 and Google Workspace, Skedda ensures smooth event synchronization. It is ideal for hybrid workspaces as it simplifies room scheduling, enhancing team collaboration and boosting productivity.

Skedda Best Feature:

Smart Automation: The option to automate complex booking policies and rules is a Skedda feature I didn’t find in similar tools. Automating policies is helpful because it allows you to tailor the mechanics of Skedda to your needs and work policies.


  • Very easy-to-use interface and booking process
  • Customization of booking rules, policies, and reservation quotas
  • Great features like floor plans, calendar integration, and more
  • It helps to optimize space utilization and makes scheduling more effective
  • The app can take bookings through Facebook, Google, and X-Twitter logins


  • Some steps for the integration of specific tools can be confusing
  • Its configuration options may not meet the needs of all users.


Skedda shines in simple event scheduling but may need to be more efficient for managing numerous or complex events. As an administrator, Skedda does not provide the possibility to modify or delete an employee’s reservations in batches.

Skedda Price:

  • Starter: $99/month with 15 spaces included
  • Plus: $149/month with 20 spaces included
  • Premier: $199/month with 25 spaces included
  • Discounts: 15% off on annual or multi-year plans.
  • Free trial: 30 days; no need to provide payment information

Featured user quote:

“Skedda provides a user-friendly solution to space booking, backed up by a huge amount of customization and really granular user access permissions. Their onboarding team offers fantastic hands-on support, working through every step of the process with you. My favorite unique element of their support was the custom user guide video they created for us using our personalized environment.” Sophie G. on G2

Robin – Best for Maximizing Efficiency with Advanced Analytics


Robin effectively merges advanced room booking with real-time mapping. From my trials, I found Robin excellent as room scheduling software that aligns with the dynamic demands of hybrid workspaces because it offers an easy-to-use and feature-rich platform.

It integrates seamlessly with standard office tools like Google Workspace, Microsoft 365, Slack, Zoom, etc. Its seamless integration with Outlook and Google calendars facilitates easy incorporation into daily workflows.

Robin’s analytics tool does more than just track room usage; it provides detailed insights into meeting space utilization, helping to identify underused areas.

Robin Best Feature:

Abandoned meeting protection: People often forget to cancel meeting rooms they no longer need. Robin automatically frees up unused rooms, optimizing space utilization and reducing ghost meetings.


  • Easy visualization of the rooms from the Robin dashboard
  • Automated records to minimize your team’s manual tasks
  • Incident notification via PC, mobile app, or QR code
  • Seamless integration with calendars like Outlook and Google
  • Features like real-time maps and analytics enhance workspace usage


  • Can sometimes be slow when managing bookings
  • The mobile app could be better designed
  • You can’t use map view and simple search simultaneously


I feel that Robin can be limited for regular users, as administrators have more features around scheduling and booking policies.

Also, its focus on Google and Office 365 integrations might not suit users of other calendar services.

Robin Price:

  • Standard: $399/month for up to 25 users.
  • Additional User: $5/user/month.
  • Add-ons: Available at varied pricing.
  • Trial: Free for 14 days. No payment information is needed.

Featured user quote:

“As an active user of the meeting spaces in the office, having them organized and administered through Robin has been a delight. Previous room booking systems struggled double-bookings and had a legacy feel to them – Robin, on the other hand, has clean UI, some interesting analytics that are always engaging to check generally well integrated with the rest of the company e.g. contact info, admin, etc.” – Anonymous on G2

Kadence– Best for Streamlined Room Scheduling


The first time I used it, I was surprised by Kadence’s simplicity and ease of use. Kadence makes efficiency one of its best qualities by displaying real-time room availability. Real-time insights into whether a room is booked are helpful for last-minute meetings.

Using the filter option can easily find rooms according to location, capacity, and available services.

Once integrated, your team members can book a meeting room directly from Google and Outlook calendars or even from Microsoft Teams.

With Kadence’s mobile app, your team members can book a meeting room on the go, get your booking notifications, and check in.

But the most valuable attribute is undoubtedly Kadence AI. Chatting with this AI assistant allows you to make room reservations, cancel bookings, invite visitors, and more.

Kadence Best Feature:

Lively Detailed Space Analytics: Kadence will provide workspace administrators with in-depth room utilization analysis of workspace administrations.

You can see which rooms are most booked, which teams use rooms the most, booking details and trends of team members or a whole team, and the percentage of no-shows. Also check HR software

With the heat map view of space occupancy, you can also quickly see how popular and utilized various rooms are. I enjoy the visual reporting features of Kadence compared to other platforms.

You and your team will have access to interactive maps of the offices and real-time updates that will keep us updated with room availability.


  • Responsive and attentive support team with phone calls available
  • Interactive maps and real-time updates for room availability
  • Integration with Google and Outlook calendars, Microsoft Teams, Slack, and HR systems like BambooHR and Gusto
  • AI-based assistant for voice-activated room booking
  • Pricing is competitive


  • Limited options to customize the software
  • It requires learning curves to fully grasp and effectively use its all features


The software’s limited customization options are not ideal for those seeking highly tailored solutions.

Additionally, if your team is not particularly tech-savvy and requires less feature set and analytics, you might find other software options to better fit your needs.

Kadence Price:

  • Starter: $2 per active user/month
  • Plus: $4 per active user/month
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing

Featured user quote:

“Very intuitive UI and booking wizard for users. Insights allow the business to review how much the office is being utilized in our hybrid arrangement etc. Recently introduced API Keys allow for integration with BMS or other systems. Quick responses from support and account manager allow for good communication.” – Aidan H. on G2

OfficeRnD– Best for Hybrid Work Scheduling


I found that OfficeRnD excels in managing workspace reservations, offering real-time synchronization to prevent booking conflicts and auto-release of unused rooms. OfficeRnD’s metrics feature provides an overview of room usage and allows access to workplace reports to track key performance indicators.

Speaking of integrations, OfficeRnD connects with various tools such as Outlook, Google Workspace, Slack, HubSpot, and many more.

Beyond that, Zapier opens access to an entire world of apps. You will have people to help with any questions on the customer service side. You can also easily access documentation, educational videos, tutorials, and training resources.

OfficeRnD Best Feature:

Hybrid work scheduling: OfficeRnD simplifies booking workspaces in multiple locations, adapting to hybrid environments for face-to-face and remote collaboration, enhancing flexibility.


  • Real-time booking synchronization for all visualizations
  • High level of customization with the White Label function, allowing you to launch your own branded app on iOS and Android
  • Access to metrics for better insights into meeting room usage
  • Access to interactive maps for easy reservation of rooms and desks


  • The mobile app can be clunky and could use some UI/UX improvement
  • The administrator must log in to each of the meeting room tablets


OfficeRnD is ideal for scheduling meetings that are face-to-face, remote, or a mix of both. However, its complexity can make it difficult to book a room quickly.

OfficeRnD Price:

  • Trial: Free for 14 days. No credit card or software installation required.
  • Start: $165/month for 1 location with up to 100 members
  • Grow: $259/month for 2 locations with up to 200 members
  • Scale: Custom price for tailored features and services

Featured user quote:

“It is a full-fledged solution to run a serviced office, from the onboarding to billing to managing your meeting rooms. In a later stadium, we added the digital Salto locks as well and made our meeting rooms public so people could easily book them. The customer support is good and user-friendly, but also technically enhanced; they can dive deep if needed. We use OfficeRND and the management information every day, the reports are detailed and give a center manager overview, but also building owners if needed. All integrations are great.” Tom V. on G2

Teem – Best for In-Depth Room Utilization Reports


With Teem’s visual conference room booking maps, finding a space with the capacity and amenities to meet your needs will be much easier.

Teem enables team members to book conference rooms easily via their smartphone, web portal, or email client. You can connect Teem to your calendar and email tools, including Exchange, Outlook, Office 365, Google Apps, and Slack.

The platform also gives you metrics for a detailed view of how spaces are used (most booked rooms, average capacities, peak occupancy hours, etc.)

Its customization options let users adjust booking rules, services, and capacity to meet specific room usage requirements.

Teem’s Best Feature:

Detailed reporting: Teem’s metrics module provides access to complete reports beyond room usage.

You’ll find specific information on room usage by member type, team, and project. You can also see usage patterns, including average space booking duration, space utilization rate, and percentage of no-shows.


  • User-friendly booking process from multiple types of devices
  • Teem integrates with popular tools like Office 365, Google Apps, and Slack
  • Access to information generated on the rooms registered on the platform


  • The price relatively high compared to the other software
  • When many rooms are booked, Teem can get slow and laggy
  • Admins may need to spend some time learning how to set it up properly


If you have a centralized tablet for team members to book a room, some users reported that Teem struggles with iPad updates and app restrictions, and tablets often need manual or remote reconfiguration due to frequent updates.

Teem Price:

  • Basic: $150/room/year.
  • Professional: $250/room/year.
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing.
  • Visitor Management: Approximately $1000/device/year.

Featured user quote:

“This software allows us to find an available space and reserve it instantly on the go. Our teams had double reservations for meeting rooms, which decreased our productivity (increased meeting times and struggles to find available rooms). Now our employees schedule rooms for their meetings, and everyone knows what to reserve and for how long.” – Marcos G. on G2

WorkInSync– Best for Intelligent, Adaptive Scheduling Experiences


Looking for a way to improve daily workflow in complex office environments?

I found that WorkInSync offers flexible management options for office space management. If you’re using Outlook calendar, you can use the WorkInSync add-on and book the available rooms from there directly without hopping between apps.

Administrators can track metrics related to room utilization, meeting schedules, and download reports. WorkInSync can also tackle ghost bookings by canceling unconfirmed reservations within a set time. Also check Modern home interior design software

WorkInSync’s Best Feature:

Smart Booking: This WorkInSync feature turns room booking into an intelligent and personalized experience, thanks to the automatic learning algorithms integrated into this room scheduling software that detects booking patterns and personalizes recommendations, considering individual preferences and room usage history.


  • Simple design with an interactive floor plan makes it easy for team members to find a room
  • You can send invitations with room and meeting details by typing in the names of attendees when booking a meeting room
  • Integrations with Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Slack, and more.
  • When everyone connects WorkInSync to their Outlook or Google calendar, you can check colleagues’ schedules and find time for a meeting directly on the room scheduling software.


  • Some functions may run slower on the website than on the app
  • Somewhat slow response times from customer support


I found that WorkinSync primarily focuses on team management and improving employee experience at the workplace. That’s why the software works best (you benefit the most from its features) when everyone is in sync and using the app version.

WorkInSync Price:

  • Free Version: For companies under 50 employees.
  • Standard: $2.50/user/month, billed annually.
  • Professional: $4/user/month, billed annually.
  • Enterprise: $6/user/month.

Featured user quote:

“Managing the desk and meeting room without losing office space, we know exactly how much space we need. Unassigned seating is no longer a headache for us. Everyone gets a place to sit.” – Supreetha M. on G2

Condeco – Best for Large-Scale, Predictive Space Management


Condeco is a legacy, award-winning software that works well for large companies. It offers innovative meeting resource management for a more connected workspace. Condeco enables users to find and reserve rooms based on specific requirements. Often, we have changes in meeting plans. This room scheduling software automatically checks if a room is available at the newly scheduled time. If so, it fixes the reservation and all the services booked for the team at that time.

Condeco integrates well with Microsoft 365, Outlook, Skype, Azure AD, and more!  These integrations open access to features like automatic meeting rearrangement and repeat bookings.

Condeco Best Feature:

AI-driven occupancy predictions: Through Condeco, you can access a predictive view of room availability generated in real time from historical data of bookings made over time and occupancy patterns. This helps you identify potential conflict points in the booking process before someone makes it.


  • Support for adding Teams and Zoom calls to room bookings
  • Automatic check for rescheduling of meeting rooms
  • Full access to a view of the rooms and complete floor plans
  • Condeco also provides hardware (Meeting Room Screen and Wayfinder) to enhance your workspace experience


  • Other software supports direct integration with Slack for quick notifications, but this one doesn’t. Most of its integration tools are Microsoft-oriented.
  • It may take some time to get used to the control panel


Condeco is best suited for organizations heavily reliant on Outlook due to its optimized integration with this platform.

Condeco Price:

  • Pricing: Custom pricing, varying by region.

Featured user quote:

“Condeco provides a self-serve option for reserving conference spaces and work spaces across our system, taking away the need to contact an admin to find a workspace and reserve it on behalf of the requesting party. This is particularly helpful for reserving desk spaces for our work-from-home or traveling staff members.” Lauren G. on G2

Why Use Room Scheduling Software?

Room scheduling software can be a helpful tool to improve team experiences, especially if you still want a physical space for in-person collaboration.

Here are some of the advantages room scheduling software offers:

  • Simple booking for all: Most room scheduling software provides a system that can be accessed across multiple devices. This allows your team members to search quickly and book meeting spaces from their laptops or while on the go.
  • Conflict-free booking for hybrid teams: As this is one of the top concerns when managing a workspace, advanced systems are compatible with calendars and integrate seamlessly with other platforms. This syncs data quickly, simplifies the booking process for anyone in the team, even on their mobile, and prevents problems like double booking or “no room available.”
  • Improved room management insights: Room scheduling software saves all room usage data and translates it into insightful analytics for managers and admins to monitor occupancy trends. Hence, you can optimize and plan for more effective space allocation.
  • Streamlined room setup: These tools automatically prepare for technology setup once one signs up for a meeting room. You’ll receive room booking notifications, which allow you to arrange additional thoughtful services like cleaning and catering.

Wrapping it Up

Finally, let’s tie it back to you and your team. The software options reviewed here represent the best room scheduling software for 2024. They all offer different features for improving the coordination and collaboration of your hybrid or remote team.

I hope this guide gives you all the details needed for a clearer understanding of managing hybrid workspaces with room scheduling software. Combine room booking with hot desking, which brings similar convenience for desks in your office. My colleague has reviewed the 35 Best Desk Booking Software platforms, and I recommend checking this out. We also establish our comprehensive guide on hybrid office for your practices.

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