Top 15 Best Staffing Services In South Carolina In 2022

Best staffing services In South Carolina will be discussed in this post. Over the past few years, the staffing services sector has had impressive growth, and South Carolina’s staffing services are thriving in the same field. In other words, all areas of Staffing Services are primed to experience significant growth in the next years.

Finding the qualified applicant with the proper and sufficient skills and qualifications to fill a position or role in a certain firm requires excellent staffing services expertise. By serving as a go-between for candidates and employers, staffing firms assist them find the best fit.

Top 15 Best Staffing Services In South Carolina In 2022

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In this article, you can know about staffing services here are the details below;

Since Staffing Services has had consistent growth at a rate of 20–25% per year over the past five years, it has had a significant impact. In order to assist you plan your career and expand your horizons abroad, let me present the top-rated South Carolina staffing service companies.

1. Aerotek Services

Aerotek Services

Over a million men and women find their fulfilling employment at top corporations because of the 35-year-old Aerotek Staffing Services’ people-focused, performance-driven culture. These businesses are aware that an excellent workforce requires both skill and character. Also check ELMO Software Alternatives

They are committed to empowering people to succeed in their careers. By enhancing the work experience with skills and benefits, they also hope to invest in people.

Service Category Specialization:

Their areas of expertise include

  • Airport operations and aviation
  • Building and skilled trades
  • Production & Manufacturing
  • Distribution and Storage
  • Facilities management and allied industries.

Reasons to select Aerotek Staffing Services:

  • Has received the Diamond Award for Best of Staffing Client Satisfaction.
  • Committed to offering the best possible service
  • Upholds morals and ethical principles
  • Offers everyone the same possibilities for employment and promotion
  • Strives for inclusion, equity, and diversity
  • Has offices in Mainland China, Australia, the United States, Canada, and

2. PrideStaff Services

PrideStaff Services

Light industry and manufacturing are concentrated in Greenville. And PrideStaff is a well-known South Carolina staffing agency with offices in Greenville that specialises in direct hire and temporary to permanent jobs.

renowned for building a rapport with clients, keeping a positive working relationship, and accommodating their transitional needs. They offer individualised guidance and support throughout the duration of the job. To make sure expectations are met, maintain and assist clients and candidates. This post will explain staffing services.

Service Category Specialization:

Their areas of expertise include:

  • Administration
  • Customer support
  • Computer technology
  • Financial & Accounting
  • Legal assistance
  • Healthcare
  • Production.

Pick PrideStaff Staffing Services because:

  • Recognized for assembling the most talented and adaptable team
  • Our goal is to always provide our clients with what they value most.
  • Guarantees prompt placements
  • Better workers lead to improved performance and gains
  • Improve performance

Additionally, it sets and achieves the objective.

  • Staffing services for temp-to-contract, temp-to-hire, and direct hire in all industries

3. Spherion Staffing & Recruitment

Spherion Staffing & Recruitment

A nationwide staffing and recruiting company that uses a network of strong franchise owners to give candidates access to the power of the local market. The South Carolina company Spherion Staffing Services has received numerous honours and recognition for the quality of its work.

Service category specialty

They specialise in the following service categories:

  • Clerical and administrative tasks
  • Small industry
  • Financial and accounting
  • Computer technology
  • Manufacturing
  • Hospitality
  • Call and customer service centres
  • Alternative medical care

Reasons to select Spherion Staffing Services:

  • Provides ideal solution through Flexible staffing
  • Created a model for an emergency plan.
  • Solid candidate pool in a database
  • Offers a temp-to-hire service
  • Excellent tools for sourcing and choosing
  • Offers management assistance

4. TRC Services

TRC Services

They market themselves as experts in forging long-lasting alliances involving all facets of company, from the call centre and warehouse to accounting and finance. Direct hire and short-term employment are both taken care of.

The goal of TRC is to assist clients in growing their companies and employees in securing their futures. Having the clear goal of supporting the South Carolina staffing industry with top talent, first-rate staffing, and creative workforce solutions.

Service category specialty

They specialise in the following service categories:

  • Automobiles
  • Commercial Services
  • Financial sector
  • Healthcare sector
  • Hospitality
  • Insurance industry

The manufacturing sector

  • Computer software and support services
  • The telecom industry
  • Services for transportation
  • Has additional expertise in onsite workforce, help desks, light industries, and contact centres.

Reasons to pick TRC Staffing Services:

  • Seek to increase recruiting effectiveness
  • Reducing the emphasis on recruiting costs
  • Interacting with and evaluating candidates at scale
  • Focus on accelerating the hiring process and lowering friction
  • Model for attracting talent
  • A fluctuating system of hiring demand
  • Market information
  • Support for reporting and compliance

5. Woodmoor Group Inc. Information Staffing Services


Woodmoor Group Inc. Information Staffing Services

This post will explain staffing services. With 20 years of exceptional staffing service, Woodmoor Group has earned a solid national reputation. has better than 30 years of experience, and its operations have expanded from a one-person operation to twenty-five. Also check Offshoring benefits

The executive search experts at Woodmoor Group are used by Fortune 500 companies as well as smaller companies because they have in-depth business knowledge. Finding assistance for Staffing Services in South Carolina shouldn’t be difficult because of their impressive track record of success.

Service Category Specialization:

Their areas of expertise include:

Budgeting and Accounting

  • Employment and staffing
  • Search for Board of Directors
  • Executive Hunt
  • Commercial services
  • Engineering and technical recruiting
  • Planning for succession.

Several reasons to select Woodmoor Group Staffing Services:

  • Posting of countless jobs
  • Utilization of a resume database service
  • Employer dashboard that is structured and intuitive
  • Complete examination
  • Receive matches based on your skills directly

6. SkillSoniq Staffing Services

SkillSoniq Staffing Services

They have a well-organized database, and SkillSoniq’s artificial intelligence recruiting app will give you a positive understanding of the entire hiring process and transition.

They have millions of data points from both their competitors’ and their own job postings. Associating with the them Staffing Services in  South Carolina can give you the superpower to hire the right talents within days rather than having to spend months searching among endless applicants.

Service Category Specialization:

Their areas of expertise include:

  • UX planning
  • Videography
  • Office Assistant

The development of software

  • Product administration

Data Scientist

Sales, among other things.

Several reasons to pick SkillSoniq Staffing Services:

  • AI database organisation and recruiting app
  • Cutting out middlemen saves time.
  • Reduces risk and increases affordability
  • There is no monthly fee

Track employees and offer flexible pay

  • Using the AI recruitment app is free.
  • Easily connect freelancers and employees

7. People Active

People Active

Company with ISO 27001:2013 certification. a major force in the staffing industry. They want to create a platform that brings together the best talent and businesses in the world on one single basis. This post will explain staffing services.

People Active has excellent technical capabilities, screens applicants for soft skills like attitude, ethical values, and education, and ensures amazing team workers—not just workers—in all positions filled. As one of the most suitable platforms for staffing services in South Carolina, People Active can be without a doubt be considered.

Service Category Specialization:

Their areas of expertise include:

Consulting services for the cloud

  • Employing distant Cloud Engineers
  • Create consulting services for operations.

Several reasons to select People Active Staffing Services:

  • State you’ll hire within 48 hours.
  • Exclusively concentrates on top-tier talent
  • Managed talents: oversee contracts, billings, software, hardware, etc.
  • Hire quickly and cheaply policy
  • Proven record of role-specific excellence
  • Consistent dependability and adaptability
  • Follows a five-step hiring process

8. MyWorkChoice Consultancy

MyWorkChoice Consultancy

For 30 years, My Work Choice has had a front-row seat to the transformation of the consulting sector, which employs hourly workers. having widened their sphere of influence to include manufacturing, light industry, and call centres.

My Choice Work agency should be taken into consideration as one of the top staffing services in South Carolina with an annual staffing service turnover of over 420%. They are working to restore dignity through choice-empowerment. This post will explain staffing services.

Service Category Specialization:

Their areas of expertise include:

  • Smaller industries
  • Storage facilities
  • Manufacturing sectors
  • Contact centres.

Justifications for using MyWorkChoice Staffing Services:

  • Adopt a policy to keep employees as well as recruit new ones.
  • Replace disconnected hotlines
  • Controlling employee absenteeism
  • enables real-time backfill for shifts
  • Offer customised on-site training
  • Covered labour orders
  • Takes care of background checks, e-verification, onboarding paperwork, expenses, and many other things.

9. Control Corporation

Control Corporation

A certified healthcare staffing company, Corratel Healthcare is committed to meeting the rising need for top-tier, seasoned clinicians. They also increase operational staff in nationwide major hospitals and other medical facilities.

They concentrate on the ability to innovate methods to maintain a steady foothold and have also been successful at it because they have a thorough understanding of the healthcare industry’s distinctive and constantly changing challenges, particularly with the current pandemic period more so than ever. This provides more than enough justification to highlight the leading South Carolina staffing service providers. Also check app developers Boston 

Service Category Specialization:

Their areas of expertise include:

  • Medical specialists
  • Workers in the operations
  • Nursing
  • Clinical Physicians Allied

Additionally, non-clinical operations

  • Additional clinicians in similar fields.

Choosing Corratel Healthcare Staffing Services is best because:

  • A career consultant is a one-stop shop for all needs.
  • Competitive pay with weekly direct transfer
  • National healthcare programmes for health insurance
  • Reimbursements: No concern over incurring costs
  • Availability of 24/7 employee help at any moment
  • Gifts of your choosing as part of your referral incentive
  • Put an emphasis on empowering relationships and dialogue
  • Provides competitive pay scales

10. Rue du Luxe

Rue du Luxe

Rue du Luxe, which elevates talent in the luxury sector, is rooted in recruitment expertise in high-end fashion and cosmetics. They are renowned for enabling bright individuals to thrive and take great delight in serving as a conduit between applicants and the most esteemed corporations’ brands. This post will explain staffing services.

Rue du Luxe is well known in the fashion and luxury industries for providing superior staffing services in South Carolina.

Service Category Specialization:

Their areas of expertise include:

  • High-End Fashion
  • Beauty.
  • Digital and executive positions.
  • The sister businesses of Rue du Luxe, Luxe Avenue and La Piscine, provide services for executive and digital roles.

Reasons to use Rue du Luxe healthcare staffing services

  • Fueling the desire for excellence
  • Develop a winning attitude
  • Committed to honesty, diversity, and equality
  • Committed to maximising client satisfaction as a goal
  • Sincere long-term relationship goals

11. Palmetto Staffing Agency

Palmetto Staffing Agency

With two locations in South Carolina, one in Florence and the other in Hartville Staffing Services, the company was founded in 2014 but is well-known on a global scale. A business that is independently owned and run is well known for providing services to customers at affordable prices and being adaptable enough to customise plans and management choices.

With less turnover and training, hiring staff with job-specific training and expertise will increase profitability for the customer. This post will explain staffing services.

Service Category Specialization:

Their areas of expertise include:

  • Warehouse and labour positions
  • Order selectors and packers
  • Material handling and processor
  • Businesses and experts

Reasons to select Palmetto Staffing Services

  • Develops solid and targeted client relationships

Flexible answers that can be tailored to meet client demands

Extremely rapid turnaround

  • Seek financial success for all parties involved.
  • Possesses a sizable application tool
  • Reliable selection processes, reference checks, E-verification, background checks, etc.
  • Do all staff receive mandatory safety training and orientation?

12. Heri Dynamics and Consulting System

Heri Dynamics and Consulting System

This post will explain staffing services. They are South Carolina’s top supplier of staffing services. putting people first, taking advantage of possibilities with outstanding talent, and doing so through innovation, trust, and local presence.

For 12 years running, we’ve been rated as providing the greatest staffing for the customer and also in terms of talent satisfaction.

Service Category Specialization:

  • The following are their areas of expertise:
  • Manufacturing
  • Contact points around the Southeast
  • Customer service call centres
  • E-commerce and logistics operations

What makes Hire Dynamics Staffing Services appealing:

  • Pay attention to rewarding possibilities
  • Uses innovative techniques to find the top talent
  • Driven by a careful balance of people and technology
  • Demonstrated and had substantial local impact
  • More than 120 e-commerce logistics hubs
  • Employing long-term or temporary candidates
  • Strive to reduce risk

Why pick Hire Dynamics Staffing Services:

  • Pay attention to rewarding possibilities
  • Uses innovative techniques to find the top talent
  • Driven by a careful balance of people and technology
  • Demonstrated and had substantial local impact
  • More than 120 e-commerce logistics hubs
  • Employing long-term or temporary candidates
  • Strive to reduce risk

13. Charles Foster Staffing services

Charles Foster Staffing services

A well recognised provider of Staffing Services in South Carolina, Charles Foster is a top rated, full service professional staffing agency with simple mission to match employers with people that will make a difference.

Having an expertise of over 50 years linking candidates with the clients, from temp to hire and temporary personnel to permanent employment. Maintains a wide pool of qualified individuals. This post will explain staffing services.

Service Category Specialization:

  • The following are their areas of expertise:
  • Outsourcing of human resources
  • Executive hiring services
  • Facilitates Temporary staffing
  • Search and recruiting

Why pick Charles Foster Staffing Services:

  • Ability to pick high level personnel
  • Excellent way of screening and sourcing
  • Trial period to work with &employee before making commitment
  • Smooth growth from temporary to permanent
  • Observe the candidates performance for a time
  • Successful professional business partnership

14. Aiken Staffing

Aiken Staffing

This post will explain staffing services. Job shop of Aiken Staffing supplier of Staffing Services in South Carolina continues to focus on the permanent placements, and/or direct hiring market. Has a solid track record of identifying candidates in the local GA area as well as putting the professionals and technical candidates in the South Carolina.

Aiken staffing associates have become a top providers of flexible workforce solutions in all industries of the employment.

Service Category Specialization:

  • The following are their areas of expertise:
  • Clerical staffing
  • Skilled industry
  • Direct / permanent hire
  • Industrial and Technical departments

Why choose Aikens Staffing Services

  • Specialized providers in secretarial, industrial and technical departments
  • Screening and interviewing procedure ensures rate
  • Accesses on short & long term projects projects
  • Risk free probationary terms included
  • Startup sor down sizing coverage facility
  • Attention to Individual request and requirements
  • Around the clock service

15. Godshall Services

Godshall Services

Hiring process has been enhanced with Godshall Staffing Services in South Carolina.They help talent and companies to discover the perfect fit. They are one of the leading staffing agencies and recruiting organisations in Greenville, offering an excellent experience for all the customer and applicants. This post will explain staffing services.

They have a trail record of 97% overall consumer satisfaction rate with Godshall guarantee.

Service Category Specialization:

Their areas of expertise include:

  • Nonwovens industry recruiting services
  • Healthcare recruiting services
  • Technical and engineering hiring services
  • Professional recruiting services
  • Financial industry
  • Acconting insdustry

Why pick Godshall Staffing Services:

  • Committed to giving back quality
  • Company wide assistance is provided for the community
  • Notable employee support to the community
  • Valuable benefits are provided to the candidates
  • In-person interview, resume review and coaching facility
  • Provide excellent opportunity
  • Flexibility and customisation according to the necessity

List of some Advantages & Benefits of Staffing Services

Staffing or recruting new personnel may be expensive and time consuming consequently outsourcing it to a respected agency will save the business time and money simultaneously discovering and offering the right applicants.

So let’s glance at some of the benefits:

  • High – Quality applicants
  • Faster Hiring procedure, short response time
  • Inadequate advertising, chance of high calibre profiles missing out
  • Identifying screened and certified profiles
  • Flexible workforce ready
  • Start up or down sizing undertakes seamlessly
  • Job contentment and acquire mental satisfaction
  • Optimum utilisation of human resource
  • Lack of firms or employer branding

Challenges of Staffing Services:

As much as it serves as advantages, Staffing Service does have some drawbacks and obstacles, lets look at some challenges every organisation meets with Staffing Services:

  • Training and providing the candidates can take time
  • Potential group bonding and cultural difficulties occur, has to be handled promptly
  • Lack of control on the hiring process
  • Poor recruitment process resultsin endangering the process.
  • Causes higher wages
  • Communication gap may emerge
  • HR may not have technical knowledge to grasp the necessity.


Therefore, to complete Staffing services in South Carolina and all throughout the globe can be a costly and time consuming operation. For business demanding significant resources, with right kind of talents & skill is of top value. Hence, having an outstanding recruitment structure or Staffing services within the firm or outsourcing the service is of major importance.

In other words, strong Human Resource Management courses will equip the Staffing Services for identifying candidates, adds advantages, screens out the poor match and assists in discovering the proper capabilities for the firm. For start ups or down scaling or for any issues Staffing services will come handy.


Q.1. What is the major role of a Staffing Service?

Ans. The staffing Services are professionals in discovering, screening and attracting of ideal individuals for unfilled positions in an organisation. They match the proper fit to a certain position of a corporation.

Q.2. What is the general procedure the Staffing Service follow?

Ans. Staffing benefits own the complete talent acquisition process from end-to-end. This comprises advertising, executing technical phone screening, resume checking, scheduling interviews, preparing candidates for the interview, cooperating with hiring managers & the spreading the offers.

Q.3. What donates to the success of a Staffing Service?

Ans. The success of a Staffing Service demands careful preparation and regular evaluation in locating the candidates swiftly and efficiently. Having the necessary tools and resources to go through the process also adds to the effectiveness of Staffing.

Q.4. How to be a good Staffing benefit agent?

Ans. To be a good staffing service mechanism, one must:

  1. Establish a good relationship with the buyer
  2. Understand the condition of the client
  3. Plan earlier and have a strategy in place
  4. Good collaboration and rapport with recruiting managers
  5. Empathizing with the candidates
  6. Research the roles
  7. Giving meaningful feedback

Q.5. Is it advisable for an organisation to outsource recruitment to a staffing Service provider?

Ans. Good Staffing Services will save the firm time and money subsequently giving great candidates. It’s an extremely profitable service industry.

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