Various Ways Tech Can Keep Families Connected

Technology can do a lot. It can help jumpstart a business, and it can also help keep a family together. Yes, many families rely on tech in more ways than one. Seeing this highlights how important tech has become to people.

Watch Parties

Families that may or may not be living in the same city, state, or country are having movie or show nights together.

This wouldn’t have been possible before, but technology has made it so. Most streaming services offer some kind of watch party option nowadays. It’s a great way to feel connected. This is something folks were missing for some time now. You can even hold a chat session afterward to talk about the movie, which is pretty nice, too.

Family Sites

Another way tech is keeping families together is through family sites or blogs. With site building platforms like WordPress making it easier than ever to create a site, families are taking advantage of this. These family sites are filled with pictures, videos, and calendar updates.

People can even plan the next family reunion there. Families have a chance to meet new cousins or other family members since they can add a simple sign-up form using WordPress form builder. People can have fun making this, and they’ll be creating a safe online space for your family.

Video Chats

Face it, being able to see family members is always a nice thing. Tech has made that easier with live video chats and video conferencing. Video chats allow families to see each other while they talk.

For those important family events, such as a wedding, video conferencing makes it easy for people who couldn’t make the trip to see the event live along with other family members who couldn’t make it. It’s a great way to have multiple people participate in an event through a live feed.

Online Video Games

Online video games give families another reason to get together. Sure, maybe some of these games are going to be challenging to learn, but the family will be there helping out. That’s something special and is only possible because of technology.

Online video game platforms allow live video feeds and offer live voice chats, so people can listen and watch each other play in real time. This makes the activity not only fun for the family; it also allows you to get to know each other even more. You can hold family game nights or something like that.

Digital Frames

Digital frames are another fun way to keep families together. If everyone has a WiFi-enabled frame, folks can upload frame-worthy pictures, and family members in different places of the world can see those wonderful pictures.

After work or school, people may have a new and exciting picture to put in their digital frames. Everyone is going to have a new reason to take great pictures and stay connected. Perhaps you’ll start a new trend within your family to share certain types of pictures.

Music Sharing

Music streaming sites allow folks to create personalized playlists, and these songs could be added to a family music-sharing playlist that will give each family member a chance to listen to something new.

Maybe a grandparent will learn to appreciate a contemporary song, while children may bob their heads to a classic. It’s a great way to connect and discover music. Folks could even add notes about the songs added to these playlists to explain what makes them so special. You’ll be surprised how effective music can be at keeping families together.

Book Reading

Book reading is a wonderful and time-honored tradition that’s been made better with technology. You get the opportunity to have an uncle or grandparent record themselves reading a beloved story that the kids in the family can all enjoy.

People doing the recording can delete audio if they don’t like the way they sound and just record again. Different people within the family can give this a shot. It doesn’t even have to be bedtime stories for kids. Maybe it could be a good health book, or perhaps someone can share a recipe book reading. It’s another way to feel and stay connected with everyone you love.

These are a few of many tech tools out there keeping families together across cities or countries. Whoever said that tech was doing the opposite obviously wasn’t paying close enough attention. Hopefully, your family finds some if not all of these exciting.

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