Top 15 Best Virtual SIM Phone Number Apps In 2024

Best Virtual SIM Phone number Apps will be described in this article.  How can you quit carrying two phones and add a second number on your smartphone for business use? While some smartphones offer dual SIM slots or eSIM (embedded SIM), the majority of them don’t. This is why you can get a free second virtual mobile phone number with these programmes, often known as “Temporary Disptosable Numbers” or “eSIM” for electronic SIM. Due to the fact that they are VoIP and need an internet connection to function, they may be the ideal virtual phone system for small businesses because, unlike PBX, you are not required to buy any hardware.

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Similar to how business email aids in establishing a different or professional identity, a second line lets you distinguish between your personal and professional lives. You can have all the advantages of a business phone line with the convenience of a portable or desktop app that you can use on the gadgets you already possess, including your smartphone, smartwatch, tablet, PC, and Mac. A virtual office telephone system line serves as your designated business number. Works well with devices running Android 8.0 Oreo or Android 9.0, including the Samsung Galaxy, Huawei Mate, Oppo, Vivo, XiaoMi, Nokia, & iPhone X running iOS.

This virtual number software is a superior alternative to those dual sim card adapters for iPhone. The benefit is that both numbers operate continuously as opposed to the adapter’s card activation limit. The fact that these numbers are disposable means you may easily get a new one when the old one starts getting too many spam calls. Perfect for prank calls as well.

Top 15 Best Virtual SIM Phone Number Apps In 2024

Top 15 Best Virtual SIM Phone Number Apps are explained here

1. Google Voice Number | USA Only | No Subscription Fees + Credits

 Google Voice Number

You may make many calls with Google Voice, get a single number for all of your phones, voicemail that is as simple to use as email, get free US long distance, and pay reasonable rates for international calls. A virtual phone number forwarding service is what it is. Your Google Hangout is connected to the virtual number, so all calling and SMS are done through Hangout. Click the “options” button, navigate to the “Phones” tab, and combine the free number you’ve signed up for with your current phone number. For international calls, this is just as effective as an eSIM. This is another virtual phone number alternative.

2. Burner | USD5/m + Credit Purchase


When you need to stay in touch but want the choice to disconnect, you should give out your “other” number, such as your work, Craigslist, Etsy, or dating number. Burner can be used in regular scenarios like any other phone number, such as web forms, delivery, salespeople, and online purchases. Get all the communication tools you require, such as calls, SMS, and image messaging.

Without problems or commitments, you can create as many Burners as you like and keep them for as long as you like before burning them. Keep your true phone number a secret while sharing your burner with anybody and everyone. For calling, texting, and image messaging, there are no limits. Utilizing Burner Connections, you can now link Burner to your preferred applications. Also check P2P file sharing software 

  • Real phone digits when you need them – Unlike a random phone digit generator, Burners are real digits with local area codes you can use for calls, texts, & voicemail to keep in touch with anyone.
  • Manage who can contact you without revealing your personal information or using a phoney phone number that doesn’t work. You can stay organised and in charge with features like Touch ID lock and custom line colours.
  • Burn to “disconnect” – You can use a Burner for as long as you like or you can get rid of it by pressing a button. Your phone’s info is erased and your number suddenly stops working.

3. Line2 | USD10/m & USD15/m + Minutes


With the ease of an app, you may call and communicate on your mobile devices using the cloud phone service Line2. Your mobile phone, tablet, and computer may all be upgraded with a second phone line or a full corporate phone system. An IP-based phone service is Line2. It functions on any device with an Internet connection and operates in the cloud.

It’s an app that acts as your phone number and allows you unlimited calling and messaging once you’ve chosen a number in your desired area code. Enjoy additional business services like call screening, multiple lines, and auto attendant for a fee as well.

  • All-Inclusive Plan – Include as much texting and calling to the US and Canada as you’d like in your monthly plan.
  • Pick Any Number – Obtain a local number in the desired city. Or, transfer your current number without paying anything extra.
  • Port Your Own Number – Add any current landline or cellphone number from the United States or Canada to your Line2 account.
  • WiFi Calling: Use mobile data and WiFi to communicate. Your calls remain connected regardless of the network you’re on or switching to—even in areas where cell phone is “dead.”
  • No Agreements. No setup or cancellation costs if you sign up for a month-to-month plan with the option to cancel at any time.

4. Skype Number | USD6/m + Credits

Skype Number 

Your pals can call you like a regular number if you have a Skype “virtual mobile phone number,” and you can answer the call on your computer. How it operates. A Skype Number has been created by Jane. Now, her friends and relatives back home can call her as usual when she travels for work to the US (or anyplace else in the world). This is another virtual phone number alternative.

When Jane signs into Skype, it handles all the clever work and sends their calls to her computer. Get the convenience of a local digit that people can call wherever you are by signing up for a Skype Number. There are numerous nations and locations, as well as many different area codes, where Skype Numbers can be purchased.

  • Get a business number for the office.
  • Increase your reach with a global number
  • Control all of your calls in one location to save money.
  • Find a solution to the bank’s need for a local phone number.

5. Sideliner | USD3/m & USD10/m


The free second number on your smartphone is called Sideline. Your second number functions anyplace your cell phone does because it uses the minutes and network of your current carrier. Sideline is the go-to phone option for small businesses, independent contractors, freelancers, and anybody else who requires a second phone line for privacy since it offers carrier dependability. Finally, you can stop using your mobile number for business purposes and maintain your private number.

  • Local Area Code Number: Choose a local area code to obtain a mobile number that functions anywhere you go. You get a second phone line where you can talk and text, and since it’s a legitimate number, you can call or text anyone with it.
  • Carrier dependability – In contrast to the majority of calling apps that rely on Wi-Fi, Sideline uses your normal cellular network to provide you with the same excellent quality and dependability as your personal number. Additionally, you can use this to split your likely limitless calling minutes across two numbers. Sideline uses a fraction of the data required by “cloud-based,” “virtual,” or “VoIP” phone systems for basic functioning.
  • Making calls and sending texts – Your second number is the same as your first. It’s easy to tell who is calling you thanks to separate caller IDs, notifications, and ringtones. Simply launch Sideline to communicate with other people. You can text endlessly and utilise your current carrier plan for Sideline calling with your free phone number. Alaska and Hawaii will soon receive support.
  • Keep personal information private – Sideline is there so you don’t have to give up your personal information to everyone. It’s not merely a second line of work, though. It can be your transitional number. Your private phone number Your company’s phone number. Your own phone number. Your phoney phone number Whatever you require it to be in order to safeguard your primary cell phone number.
  • Voicemail Forwarding – You may always turn off your Sideline on nights, weekends, or holidays and send incoming calls to voicemail. To adapt your greeting to each situation, you can set up several voicemails or auto-text responses.

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6. Cloud SIM | Credit Purchase

Cloud SIM 

Looking for a solution to find all of your mobile needs in a single, user-friendly app? While keeping your real number hidden, the Cloud SIM mobile app allows you 4 more real mobile numbers to use for work, travel, dating, or just personal usage. With Cloud eSIM carrier, you may access all of your different contacts from a single, simple app without the need for two phones.

This useful tool lets you easily switch between profiles and maintain control over your mobile identity. It offers free messages and chat to other Cloud SIM users as well as inexpensive SMS and calls to everyone. Want to make cheap international calls?

The lowest of all mobile providers, according to Cloud SIM. The future of mobile contact is CloudSIM, which offers in-app purchases and a user-friendly interface. It opens up a whole new planet of networking from your own phone. With CloudSIM, dial like there’s no tomorrow.

  • No-cost text messages and calls to other Cloud SIM customers
  • Four additional real cellphone numbers
  • Easily switch between profiles
  • Cheapest international calling rates
  • Perfect for eBay merchants and internet businesses
  • CloudSIM – One Phone, Four Numbers

7. Telos | Credit Purchase


Telos is an iPhone and Android mobile application. With the app, you can connect with friends, family, and other Telos users instantaneously to share images, videos, and your location. You can also make as many free phone calls as you like and send as many free texts. Generally speaking, Telos calls have higher sound quality than ordinary phone calls. This is another virtual phone number alternative.

You can receive calls & texts from anyone by having a real phone number that Telos can give you. Additionally, Telos may transform your phone into a genuine Walkie Talkie. With a Telos eSim Virtual Number, you may make low-cost or even free international calls to any mobile or landline phone digit in more than 200 countries.

Telos offers countless actual US phone numbers in any location you desire. Telos phone numbers offer caller ID, call blocking, call forwarding, voicemail, and many other fantastic features, just like any other numbers you obtain from local carriers. Better yet, you can transfer your Telos phone number to other service providers like AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint. Also check HR software

  • Free Calling – All calls within Telos are free of charge. Additionally, you have the option to select vanity numbers, which Verizon or AT&T might not offer.
  • Unlimited free text messaging with typing indicators, read recipient notifications, and read messages
  • International Calling – Call any landline or mobile phone in any country or region in the world.

8. WorldSIM SIM | Credit Purchase


With just one SIM card, you may be contacted on phone numbers from more than 50 countries! A UK and US phone number is preinstalled on your WorldSIM SIM card. You have the option to add extra phone numbers, even those from other nations, using our Virtual Number service.

You can add local phone digits to your WorldSIM with the help of the groundbreaking Virtual Number service. The number of virtual phone digits you can have on your SIM card is unlimited, and you can now call and receive on local phone numbers from more than 50 different countries.

9. VirtualPhone | Credit Purchase


Your smartphone can call and text any phone number or SIP device thanks to the VirtualPhone software for iOS and Android. Utilize your phone to view and handle every customer communication. View a complete history of your customer’s communications and listen to voicemail and call recordings. This is another virtual phone number alternative.

  • Calls can be placed and received using numbers.
  • Use your Internet connection to make VOIP calls without consuming any minutes from your mobile provider.
  • Text chat and SMS sending and receiving.
  • Separate your personal and professional calls, texts, and voicemails.
  • When accepting calls from your website, view full caller information such as geographic location, web page, time zone, custom information, caller’s name, phone, and email.

10. Sonetel  | Credit Purchase


This is another virtual phone number alternative. Have a local phone number in any city or nation on the planet with a virtual phone number for international businesspeople. Visitors’ confidence and sales are increased when your website displays a local number. Anywhere in the world can receive incoming calls for the price of a local call. Use Android or iPhone to make high-quality international business calls for the price of local calls, from any country to any country. The person you call can see either your Sonetel number or standard mobile number.

There are more than 50 countries where CALL THRU is available, including Algeria, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Greece, Hong Kong, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Panama, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Romania, Russia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa

  • Global call forwarding: For the price of a local call, incoming calls to your phone numbers can be routed to any business in the world. Use any phone—including your usual mobile—to respond.
  • Voice response – Voice response and voicemail that are simple to configure. There are numerous languages of pre-recorded messages accessible. From any phone, you may easily record your own messages.
  • Call from your international numbers – You can call from any location in the world with your regular mobile phone.
  • Free call recording – Record each call you make and receive.

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11. Vonage | Credit Purchase

You can make free calls using your Vonage phone number on your phone and two smartphones as part of your Vonage package. Additionally, you may use Wi-Fi or 3G/4G to answer calls to your Vonage phone number from virtually anywhere. Your Internet connection is used by Vonage’s VoIP phone service to place and receive calls. Additionally, you can carry your Vonage number on your smartphone thanks to our fantastic features.

International Calls – Vonage Mobile offers incredibly affordable international calling rates that are, on average, 90% less expensive than major U.S. mobile carriers to landlines and mobile phones in more than 200 countries.

12. Talkroute | Credit Purchase

With the new Talkroute Android app, users can now conduct business conversations and receive calls from anywhere. With the Talkroute Android app, you can now sound and seem professional wherever you are while protecting the phone of your mobile number. By dialling an access number using the default dialer on your Android device, the Talkroute software operates. For the app to function, you must have voice and data connectivity through your service provider.

  • Place calls outside Talkroute using your Talkroute number (requires working phone service on your Android device)
  • To handle and return business calls, use your Talkroute call history.
  • Manage voicemail boxes and listen to voicemails
  • Send and receive texts.
  • Alternate between your several Talkroute phone numbers whenever you want to.
  • Configure voicemail and text message push notifications.

13. OpenPhone | Credit Purchase


Without worrying about compromising your privacy, include your phone number on your business card, website, Google, Facebook, Yelp, and other listings. You may customise your number to represent your own brand using OpenPhone, which allows you to divide your personal and business conversations. Get a business phone number with strong features, either local or toll-free, to help your company stand out. No matter where you are in the earth, you may communicate by phone or text using your personal number. Top eSIM supplier in the UK, the USA, and others. This is another virtual phone number alternative.

  • Toll-free or local lines – available in the US and Canada. Or we can migrate your existing number from another carrier if you already have one.
  • Unlimited messaging for business purposes using your company phone number.
  • Read your voicemail – Voicemail is automatically translated and sent through the app.
  • During business hours: Send after-hours calls to voicemail to prevent calls during non-working hours.
  • Business address book – Save contacts to keep them separate from your personal contacts so you always know who you are speaking to.

Call forwarding is the ability to divert incoming calls to an other phone number.

14. Numero eSIM | Credit Purchase

Numero eSIM

The eSIM by Numero is not to be mistaken with the eSIM found in the iPhone XS; it stands for Electronic SIM, not Embedded SIM. The real eSIM chip within your smartphone is distinct from Numero eSIM, which is still an app-based virtual number. Also check Knowledge base software guide

A second phone number is provided through the Numero eSIM app, a fully functional phone line that functions as a virtual SIM phone. A growing number of phone numbers from many nations are available for purchase and ownership. Make low-cost calls both domestically and abroad. Take advantage of Numero’s services both online and off, including free roaming, call forwarding, and superior call quality all over the world. Businesses and entrepreneurs should invest in Numero. They offer eSIMs from a selection of the top nations in the world, including:

United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Switzerland, Sweden, Netherlands, Denmark, Poland, Romania, Lettonia, Slovenia, Russia, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Panama, Guatemala, El Salvador, Colombia, France, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Luxembourg, Estonia, Peru, Liberia, Ireland, Kazakhstan, Dominican Republic, Cyprus, Ivory Coast, Brazil, Anguilla, Lithuania, Uganda, Mexico, Iceland, Dominica Islands, Philippine, Argentina, Belgium, Ukraine, Turkey, Japan, Hong Kong, South

  • Numero Space: Applikations running on Android 8.0 or later can be copied.
  • The availability of genuine phone numbers without the use of a physical SIM card.
  • The capacity to purchase and utilise many phone numbers on a single mobile device.
  • The ability to place and receive phone calls to/from any location in the world.
  • When online, you can use your eSIM for free roaming and to make calls to any country in the world.

15. 2ndLine | Credit Purchase


For mobile professionals, independent contractors, and business owners, 2ndLine is a second US or Canadian phone number that functions on your smartphone and tablet as a full-featured business phone system. Call and message anyone in the United States and Canada from a different number of devices that you and your team already own, using Wi-Fi or your current cellular network. This is another virtual phone number alternative.

  • Local Phone Number – Provide your pals with your personal, callable phone number!
  • Unlimited Text & Picture Messaging – Send as many text messages as you’d like, absolutely free, to the US & Canada!
  • Unlimited Calling to the US and Canada – Make an unlimited number of free phone calls to any US & Canadian phone number!
  • Low-cost international calling – Add advertising money or free money to your account by completing offers.

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